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August 2017

  • Bloggers Grilled blog series Cover Photo. Lady Janey

    Bloggers Grilled: Jane from Lady Janey

    We’re on week three of my Bloggers Grilled blog series already! How did that happen? Last week Liam from Liam’s Life was grilled. This week is the turn of Jane from Lady…

  • Blogging

    Bloggers Grilled: Liam’s Life

    Bloggers Grilled is a new brand spanking new interview series here on Cosmic Kick. Every week I ask bloggers some of the toughest job interview questions known to man kind! Last…

  • Blogging Journal

    Bloggers Grilled: Blog Series

    Welcome to my first blogger series; Bloggers Grilled. I came up with the idea when searching for a list of the worst job interview questions out there. I thought “Hey, this could…

  • Tech

    3 Ways that Tech is Changing How we Look

    Us humans are experts at fine tuning our existence as a species. For millennia, we did this slowly via natural selection, but in recent human history we’ve taken matters in to…