The Hair Experts Review: Can Root Touch Up Products Help Hide Thinning Hair?

The time between dye jobs can vary: Maybe you’re only a week overdue. Or maybe you’re like me – two brand new hair dyes sitting in your bathroom cabinet and you just can’t find the time to use them. Wouldn’t it be uhmazing if you could skip the dye job for a few more days and simply brush your roots on as quickly as you fill in your brows, completely mess free?

There’s been an influx of root touch up products released recently and naturally I want to try them all, so let’s start with Boots exclusive; The Hair Experts Root Touch Up kit.

the-hair-experts-brunette kit


The Hair Experts Root Touch Up Review

Now, these products might be designed to disguise dodgy roots, but there is another reason I was looking forward to trying the Hair Experts root touch up kit…

Readers will already know that I have PCOS (that’s polycystic ovary syndrome for you fortunate folks who’ve managed to avoid that abbreviation this far in life): A pain-in-the-arse of a condition that – amongst other delightful symptoms – causes hair thinning (yaaay!); a symptom I am eager to find a fix for.

As a result I’m always looking for new products that will hide my ever-widening hair parting. Could it work?

The promise:

The Hair Experts claim that their root cover up kit can cover greys and dark regrowth, that it’s fast, non oily, non drying, non sticky or stiff and that it washes out with shampoo.

The truth:

So, it took a little getting used to – brushing the roots of my hair with a super soft make-up brush felt strange at first – but once I got the hang of it application was quick and easy: A minute or two and I’m done.

The kit comes with a double ended brush: A wide end and a slimmer end. When applying to the parting it’s much easier to ‘dab’ the product on with the smaller brush rather than stroke it on, and as you work down the hair switch to the thicker end and stroke over greys.

I think you’ll agree, the end result pictured below shows a huge improvement covering both my greys and regrowth, and it does a great job of masking my thinning parting.

I missed a few spots and could probably do a tidier job as my scalp looking a tad speckled here, but I’m really happy with the results.

The Boots exclusive Hair Experts Root Touch Up kit delivered on every promise and at just £9.99 worth grabbing one to keep in your make up kit.

Read more on their website here.



the hair experts root touch up hair kit before and after

What do you think of my results? Have you got any hair thinning tips? Let me know below.

Btw, if you’re concerned about hair loss be sure to keep an eye out on the blog over the next two weeks for honest reviews of some exciting fine hair boosting products!

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**Many thanks to The Hair Experts who supplied me with this product in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jaklien van Melick

    I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Will try it for sure.

  • Meimei

    Wow the results look great! Does it last until the next wash? I have seen similar dyes in the shops recently but haven’t tried one.

    meimei x

    • Thanks MeiMei! It doesn’t last until the next wash unfortunately. Think of it like eyebrow filler for your roots 🙂

  • Would love to know how long it lasts for. What happens if you’re always running your hands through your hair (like I do?).

    • You know, I don’t touch my hair all that often so I’m not sure. I’ll give it a go and update the post when my roots start to show 🙂

  • kimberly

    This works so well on you! Do you know if this product is tested on animals? I’ve been searching online and I can’t any info about it.