Review: Neal’s Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream

Bee Lovely Promises:

  • To care for Bee’s YES
  • To lift spirits YES
  • Nourish the skin YES

Quick Conclusion:

+ The scent of this cream is absolutely delicious. You will be drooling as soon as you start rubbing this cream in to your hands, I promise. Hands feel protected for hours after application. 76% Organic. Doubles up as an emergency face moisturiser (on my combination skin, may affect your skin differently) .

The only downside is that you will want keep reapplying to keep that orange-y fragrance on your skin.

The Full Story:

When I won the Neal’s Yard competition on Facebook I knew I would be in for a real treat. I was delighted when I opened the box and discovered a brand new product called Bee lovely. Along with the product came a lovely little booklet titled “Bee Lovely and Save the Bee’s” which is hugely informative and a must read for anyone who cares about the state of our planet, country and health. Bee’s contribute more to the world than you might realise.

I have been using Bee Lovely for 3 weeks now and have decided to replace my previous main hand cream (Soap and Glorys Hand Food).
The fragrance is mouth watering. As you first rub in the cream, it gives off a strong orange smell. This will fade after about 10 minutes to a lovely honey scent. It’s at this point you have to be strong and try not to be tempted to rub in another blob to experience the citrus-y joy all over again. You only need a small pea sized blob to relieve dry or chapped hands. Once your hands are covered, the cream feel’s more like a balm. This gives your hands a comforting, protected feeling.
You may find that the cream takes a few minutes longer to soak in than some other hand creams. For me, this is not a problem as the results are worth it.

The fact that Neal’s Yard obviously care about nature, and being kind to my skin, make this product a pleasure to use. My hands appear smoother and my SO has commented on how soft my hands are. I’m so impressed it deserves more than 10/10. Will be buying again and again and again…..

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