Not all health and beauty regimes are created equally. There are those that are fun and relaxing, and there are those that are a total grind. Unless you are some kind of masochist, hair removal usually falls under the latter category. Waxing, shaving, tweezing. It never ends! Just like beauty regimes, not all bodies areContinue reading

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Oh the things I’d do for stronger, healthier hair and nails! They’ve taken a battering over the past 12 months from increasing PCOS symptoms, bad diet and stress. It’s the main reason I agreed to take part in a trial of silicon supplement, Silidyn. As someone who refuses to let hormone related hair and skinContinue reading

It was the bright packaging of Maybelline’s The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara (that’s a mouthful!) that caught my eye. Unable to resist the metallic hot pink and red tube I went ahead and bought it without conducting my usual pre-purchase research: Twitter poll’s, family enquiries and scouring beauty blogs. After all, my mascara backContinue reading