Us humans are a funny bunch. We’re forever seeking out new treatments and slapping the latest formulas on to our skin in an attempt to liven up tired complexions and make our skin glow. But sometimes the best solutions can be found by going back to our roots. Waaay back, to a place where theContinue reading

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Shiny skin is frustrating at the best of times, but it can be even worse during the heat of the summer months, when it ruins our make up and makes our faces look greasy even though we’ve just showered. My problem area is my T-Zone (that is the forehead, nose and chin), so when HarleyContinue reading


EDIT: Read my Nourkrin Woman two month update here. I had an exciting start to the week when I began a three month course of Nourkrin Woman. A supplement developed for women who are suffering from hair thinning. You may be thinking “What’s so exciting about taking a supplement?”. Trust me, as someone who hasContinue reading