Clicking, scrolling, swiping, tapping. We use out fingers day in, day out to communicate with our evil robot overlords much-loved technology. Inevitably though, over time, the way we use our devices can start to cause strains on the body. RSI’s (repetitive strain injuries) are common place these days. From scholar’s neck – a disorder resultingContinue reading


Spring is coming! Which means flowers, sunshine and rubber gloves. That’s right; grab your Marigold’s because it’s time to clean out that winter waste. It’s amazing how much mess goes unnoticed during the winter months. We stack, store and put off tasks until tomorrow, next week and eventually next season. But as the home getsContinue reading

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Oh the things I’d do for stronger, healthier hair and nails! They’ve taken a battering over the past 12 months from increasing PCOS symptoms, bad diet and stress. It’s the main reason I agreed to take part in a trial of silicon supplement, Silidyn. As someone who refuses to let hormone related hair and skinContinue reading

I’ve got a shocking confession to make, dear readers: I’ve never seen Harry Potter! I know, shocking right? Okay, so I half-watched the first film waaay back in my teens in a cinema full of excited, noisy kids so I get the gist (Magical powers; “you’re a wizard Harry!”.Yada yada), but beyond the basics IContinue reading