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5 Steps to a Cleaner Home this Spring – #SpringCleanGuru

Spring is coming! Which means flowers, sunshine and rubber gloves. That’s right; grab your Marigold’s because it’s time to clean out that winter waste.

It’s amazing how much mess goes unnoticed during the winter months. We stack, store and put off tasks until tomorrow, next week and eventually next season. But as the home gets brighter, seeing that mountain of chores you’ve built up every time you come home is going to drive you mad. The sooner it’s tackled, the better!

But where to start? It’s okay, I’ve got you covered. I’ve collaborated with online bed retailer and sleep specialist, Bed Guru, to bring you my top spring cleaning tips as part of their #SpringCleanGuru campaign. Bed Guru just so happen to be running a massive giveaway over on their Facebook and Twitter where you could win a brand spanking new divan bed base! Get your entries in by the 27th of this month to be in with a chance of winning.


Spring cleaning tips


1 – Prepare yourself.

The big Spring Clean is soul-crushingly boring when done wrong (dramatic, but true), but by preparing yourself before the day it can be transformed into a event that – believe it or not – you’ll actually look forward to.

If the many years of watching Many Poppins on repeat during my childhood taught me anything, it’s that you can find an element of fun in any task. In my case, it’s music that gets me in the zone. In fact, I have a cleaning playlist which I’ll share with you in a future blog post.

If you plan to do the task in one session you’ll need a long playlist; let’s say three hours just to be sure. Even longer if you live in a larger house. Add upbeat, pumping tunes only. No ballads allowed, and no deep meaningful lyrics that will have you thinking too hard about life: All of that brain power must be spent on housework!

Once the music is prepped it’s time to plan a post-chore treat. This needs to be something real nice that you wouldn’t do every day. So, a special Lush bath bomb or a bottle of wine, or maybe even book yourself in for an evening manicure to glam up those nails after all of your hard work.

All that’s left is your cleaning outfit. Wear trainers instead of slippers (preferably clean ones that don’t stink up the carpet) so you don’t get too cozy, loose clothes and if you have long hair, tie it up and pin back any strays.


2 – Prepare a spring cleaning tool kit.

Having the right tools for the job will cut cleaning time in half and make certain tasks easier on your body. For example, if you have mobility issues be sure to have long handled tools or a garden cushion to prevent knee ache that will slow you down.

An absolute must for time-saving is sorting containers; whether it’s baskets, boxes or bags, make sure you have a few to hand (I’ll explain more below).

Lastly, gather some essential cleaning items in a box or bucket. I suggest a micro fibre cloth, an old fully cleansed toothbrush for getting into tight spots, a bottle of strong bleach such as Zoflora, feather duster, wipes, a dust pan and brush and a flat head screwdriver for tightening up any doors, hinges or drawers on the fly.


3 – Go go go!

I like to clean by chore type rather the by room (some of you are tutting right now, I know. But it’s just how I roll!). So, for example, I’ll hoover the whole house in one go and do all of the dusting in another, and so on.

Your first task should be to chuck out old perishable items. Start in the kitchen; check dates on tins and frozen items. Then on the bathroom to bin slimy gels and shampoos. Check the medicine cabinet for out of date tablets. Lastly, check for grotty looking makeup items on the dressing table.

Now that that grossness is out of the way it’s time to put everything back where it belongs. Use the containers I mentioned earlier to organise clutter by the room it belongs in. So, if there is a cup on the bedroom, put it in the ‘kitchen’ container, and so on. Do this in every room and you’ll spend less time running back and forth the house.

Follow this with washing, wiping, sweeping and hoovering throughout and that’s the hard work done!


4 – Sort it out.

Now that the rooms are clean and all items are in the right place, it’s time to start sifting through it all. Start in the bedroom: Gather all clothes on the bed, line up the containers from earlier and one by one, decide what needs to be thrown out, what can be donated to charity and what could be sold on eBay. Anything else should go back into the wardrobe or the dirty washing basket.


5 – Reconsider your furniture needs.

Now that the place is tidier it’s much easier to see which furniture is working for your home and which isn’t. Maybe it’s time to get rid of that empty CD tower since you only stream music these days, or maybe you need more storage.

For example, I used to have a divan bed base with pull-out drawers underneath that was great for storing bedding and towels. Now I don’t and guess what; there are piles of bedding and towels dotted awkwardly around the flat.

I’ve been trying to decide which of the storage beds over at Bed Guru would work best for Wayne and I. They have the type with drawers which seems like the easiest option, and they also have the ‘lift-up’ type that’s great if you prefer a sleek finish with hidden storage.

I’m also looking at setting up a writing desk, photography area, and a dressing table in the bedroom; but instead of having three separate desks I’m going to go for one that will function as all three.

Reconsidering your furniture is especially important for those who live in small spaces where every spare centimetre counts.


I hope my tips help you to better organise your spring cleaning sesh. Good luck, and if you have any tips please be sure to leave them below for the rest of us!


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