Don’t be Salty! Mr Lee’s Noodles Review [Competition Closed]

Mr Lee's Noodles 6 pack - Blog Competition and Review. Green chopsticks and logo.

Hands up, who likes free food! Three of you lovely readers are going to win a box of tasty noodle pots from Mr Lee’s Noodles in my latest blog competition! Read on to find out more.


Back last year I went on a brief but intense health kick. I made it my mission to eat clean, ridding my diet of as much excess sugar, dairy and salt as I could.

One of my go-to snack foods was and still is noodles. I’d eat noodles with every meal if I could, so I was hella frustrated to find out that most noodle products are packed with of salt. Mr Lee aims to change that by providing the lowest salt pot noodle out there. They’re also gluten free, contain no artificial ingredients and have 100% recyclable packaging. Nice!


Mr Lee's Noodles dried from above, Birds eye view, with green chop sticks.


Who is Mr Lee?

Mr Lee’s Noodles is a gourmet alternative to your regular noodly pot. They cram their pots with freeze-dried, fresh ingredients including their staple rice noodles, vegetables, shrimp and more. Their mantra is “100% tasty, 0% nasty” so we expect to find no nasty chemicals in here.

The snack was dreamed up by Mr Lee whilst in recovery from cancer. He realised that if he was going to make it through he needed to clean up his diet, which meant cutting out his favourite food; dried noodles (nooooo!). He decided that if he was to recover, he would get to work creating a new healthy noodle snack. Thankfully Mr Lee did recover and fulfilled his promise to himself.


Mr Lee’s Noodle Review

A few weeks ago I received a box of Mr Lee’s to try out for myself. Wayne and I got to work boiling the kettle, stirring, and arguing over who would try which flavour. He’s a huge spicy food fan, so we decided it made sense for him to try the hottest flavours – indicated on the front of the packet by a chilli count – and I would try the milder flavours, but curiosity got the better of me. After all, who can resist a kick ass food name like Warrior Fighting Shrimp?

What strikes you first when opening a pot is that they are full of bright, colourful ingredients. The Honk Kong Street Beef was overflowing with veggies, and the shrimp and chicken actually contained real meat; not just flavouring.

As it turned out, Warrior Fighting Shrimp was my favourite of the bunch. The spice was a little overpowering for me (I’m a baby when it comes to heat) but it was full of flavour.

I suggest that you use slightly less water than recommended on the tub at first and then add to taste as I found some of the flavours seemed a little too watery.

The rice noodles themselves are a lovely texture and boy, do they fill you up! It was more like a small meal rather than a snack. I didn’t feel the need to eat for a good few hours afterwards.

Due to their simplicity and healthiness compared to similar products, I think Mr Lee’s Noodles are a great idea for guilt-free snacking or as an alternative to a supermarket sarnie at lunchtime.

Mr lee's noodles, Hong Kong Street Beef. Ready prepared with vegetables.


Competition: Win a box of Mr Lee’s Noodles

Three of you lucky folks are going to receive your own box of noodles! Just fill in the rafflecopter form and tell me: Which flavour from the above photo are you most looking forward to trying?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Mr Lee’s Noodles for providing the prize and thanks to all who enter. Good luck!

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