Nerd Block July Review and Giveaway!

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Missing the post man is always a pain in the ass, but seeing a red card on your door mat on a Nerd Block due date is just plain depressing! That’s what happened to me this month, and because I had family visit at the same time I didn’t get my Block for an extra week! I know right! How did I make it through?

So, what’s inside Nerd Block July 2014? (Don’t know what a Nerd Block is? Check my previous post to find out and head to the NerdBlock site to learn more!).

 A frickin Nerf Gun?! As you can see in the image, I got a little over excited and ripped the packaging before remembering to take a picture first. I always wanted a Nerf Gun when I was little, and now I have a cool zombie version. Look Mum! I’m living the dream! ^o^/
The first of 2 Star Wars items in this months Nerd Block. A copy of Star Wars Insider magazine. As some readers may know, I’m not a fan of Star Wars. I know, I’m crazy, right? It’s strange, but the Star Wars fan community makes me wish I enjoyed the films more. This magazine is full of awesome fan fun.
BF instantly claimed this as his own. Cheeky! We share the Nerd Block Tshirts, mostly wearing them to bed or around the house. This months tee is more him than me, although I do love pizza…
Star Wars item number 2 is an odd, super kawaii limited edition plushie from the Deformed Vehicles range. I received the Tie Fighter..

As always I’ve saved my favorite Nerd Block item until last. The awesome 2012 documentary by Morgan Spurlock, Comic-Con: A Fans Hope. I watched this a while back and loved it! I’m a huge fan of fandom itself and find it fascinating. This film follows different types of fans. Collectors, creators, and aspiring comic book artists, all displaying love and appreciation for art. Oh, and did I mention the DVD came with 2 figures?! Stan Lee and Harry Knowles! How amazing is that?


So that was July’s Nerd Block. Aw, I feel all sad now. Like when you have opened your last present on Christmas morning. Christmas only comes once a year. Rubbish! Nerd Block comes to your door every month! Check out the site here and find out how to sign up. Nerd Blocks Facebook page is pretty awesome too. Lot’s of giveaways, and you are anything like me, you love a good giveaway.

Speaking of giveaway’s, who’s up for another Star Wars themed competition?! Last months competition was a success. Well done to Kim Neville who won the Darth Vader plushie and Star Wars Boxos, and thank you to everyone who left a compliment and feedback about the Cosmic Kick Etsy store. You’re all too kind.

OK. Rules are the same as July’s giveaway. You don’t have to complete all of the tasks, just the ones you want to. This months question is:

If you could build the ultimate, dream Nerd Block, what 5 items would you include? Be realistic, or go wild and dream something crazy up. It’s up to you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1- Open worldwide!

2- No fake accounts. As a comper myself, I have special cheat detecting powers. I’m on to you (¬‿¬)

3- Entry period starts 07/31/2014 and ends 12AM 09/01/2014

4- No cash alternative.

5- This item is in no way connected to Nerdblock, Star Wars or Star Wars Insider. All items were paid for by myself.

6- Winner picked at random using Rafflecopter.

More competitions here:



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