[CLOSED] Stigu 2017 Planner: Review and Giveaway!


I’m so excited to bring you guys this post today! Long-time readers may remember my 2016 Stick to Stigu planner review back last December. Well, the lovely folks at Stigu have only gone and given you guys the chance to win your very own 2017 Stigu planner! To enter, just pop your details in the form at the end of this post. Good luck!



In a world brimming with digital assistants and organisation apps, you’d be forgiven for assuming that we’ve outgrown the need for pen and paper, but right now we need to write, jot and scribble things down more than ever before!

The inside of my head can be chaotic without a pen and paper to hand. Without planning, my thoughts are a whirlwind containing all of the things I should be doing, want to be doing and don’t want to do at all. They fight for my attention until I get mentally exhausted and give in to the soothing scroll of social media.

With my Stigu to hand it’s a completely different story. A physical planner gives me the chance to take a breather. To get away from all of the digital noise on your screens and just focus.

Stigu’s neat-but-playful layout combined with self care reminders is enough to bring structure to my day, helping me zone in on my important tasks. Turning the page to a new week feels almost as exciting as opening a new window on my Advent calender… (Hey, there’s an idea! Stigu, if you’re reading this, maybe it’s time for a chocolate planner?).



Stigu 2017 Planner Review

For the low-down on Stigu read this quote from my 2016 planner review:

“Stick to Stigu is a soft-cover, spiral-bound week-to-view planner, organiser, desk calender, notebook, to-do pad and rest and zest handbook. Each month is themed differently and every week Stigu offers new tips on how to master that months theme. So, for example February’s theme is Writing (sure to be a blogger fav). It’s easy to remember the theme as it’s printed in the top left corner of every week. The bottom left of the week is where you’ll find your writing tips, and the upper right is where you’ll find a quote pertaining to the writing theme – in fact Stick to Stigu is serious quote porn.

Dotted throughout the weeks you’ll find the odd extra tit-bit of advice, and you’ve probably noticed the big blank spaces on the left hand side; that’s where you’re to-do list goes, or your sticky notes, or doodles of 90s band logos, or whatever you want to scribble down.

The result of all of the above is a life coach style workbook/weekly planner that manages to squeeze in so much without feeling like hardwork. The muted colours and the almost stick figure-like Stigu offer just enough guidance without being too overwhelming or preachy. It’s early days but I can see myself getting along with Stigu like a house on fire!”

…and we did! As a scatterbrain, the 5 column layout helps me narrow down on the most urgent tasks. I use the blank side for to-do lists and not-so-urgent tasks that can wait a week or so.

This year, Stigu has a few of planners and note books to choose from. There’s even a sleek hardback option available for those who like something more solid. I like to keep my planner open at all times though and my tiny workspace doesn’t allow for a full spread, so the spiral bound option is a great choice.

Between the themed months and patterned pages, prepping my Stigu for the next 12 months has been a delight. I like to save the quotes and tips as a surprise so try not to read them until the date comes, but I did have a cheeky glance at a couple and opened the book up to a David Bowie quote. Not disappointed!.

To check out the range and Stigu’s philosophy for yourself, head over their website.



Competition: Win a 2017 Stigu Planner!

Stigu is offering one lucky Cosmic Kick reader the chance to win their own 2017 planner! Just fill in the Rafflecopter form and tell me; What has been the highlight of 2016 for you? I love hearing your success stories so go brag, boast and share the good news below!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms and conditions:

  • Entries from the UK only.
  • Ends 12AM on the 28th December 2016
  • Please allow 30 days for delivery
  • Entry via the Rafflecopter app only. Additional comments on Cosmic Kick or Stigu social media will not be counted.
  • Winner chosen at random from all qualifying entries.
  • I will make every attempt to contact the winner. If after 7 days there is no response, a new winner will be drawn.
  • Compers are always welcome. However entrants using multiple accounts to spam the form will be disqualified.







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