5 Fascinating Environmental Documentaries

From wildlife hunting to climate change to nuclear waste, there is no shortage of environmental issues that need our attention. Thanks to film makers, journalists and researchers around the globe, we are now more informed about our impact on the environment than ever before.

As a documentary addict I want to share with you a few of my recent favourite environmental documentaries. If I’ve missed a good one let me know!

Big Game, Big Money

A special report from the Financial Times investigating how the illegal poaching of Rhino and Pangolin in Africa and Asia is affecting the wildlife and small communities of both continents. Featuring interviews of those working to stop this tragic trade, police and activists share stories of how these animals are hunted and what they are doing to combat  and educate people involved in it.

The Nature of Cities

It may be few years old but I love this optimistic view at city living that shows how increased urban agriculture can have a huge positive impact on every day life. Anyone fancy moving to one of those glass houses in Culemborg?

Catalyst – Earth on Fire

An award winning documentary on bush fires and how they are being impacted by climate change. In recent years scientists have started using the term “mega fires” to classify a new breed of wildfire that is impossible to control with current fire fighting methods. Earth on Fire follows professionals as they attempt to tackle nature at it’s most destructive.

We The Tiny House People: Small Homes, Tiny Flats & Wee Shelters

Documentarian and Youtuber Kirsten Dirksen has been creating videos about the environment for over 8 years. In this inspiring compilation of her most popular videos, Kirsten takes us in to some of the smallest homes in America and Europe. The recurring theme with these tiny-home owners is  that less is more. That downsizing frees people from materialism and therefore less waste is created.

Into Eternity

There’s no link to the full documentary I’m afraid, just the trailer, but it’s well worth hunting this one down yourself.

Into Eternity takes us to a forest in Finland where a giant tomb is being built deep underground to house the country’s massive amount of dangerous nuclear waste. Nuclear waste remains toxic for 100,00 years so the bunker must be built strong enough to outlast it.

What did I miss? If you know of any interesting environmental documentaries let me know below and I’ll be sure to check them out.

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