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A Beach of a Week


Here’s a piece of advice for those who live in noisy inner city areas: Leave. As often as you can, escape to the nearest open space. Be it Beach, park or mountain. I’ve lived on a noisy road for over a year and I often forget that I need to seek out silence for the benefit of my health. Being amid constant noise is really bad for us humans. Even when we think we’re fine, endless droning traffic, arguing neighbours, and pounding bass lines from speakers in nearby buildings can all contribute to some really crappy health issues. Tons of studies have been done on the matter and have concluded that people who live in noisy areas never actually get used to the sound. Team that up with pollution from traffic and you’re at an increased risk of developing hypertension, Alzheimers and even early death. Eeek!!  

But, we live in over-crowded 2018, and between rent and travel costs, many of us can’t afford to – or simply don’t want to – move to the quieter outskirts of the city. That’s why we need to take as many healthy day trips in to nature as possible.  


The North West is cram packed with natural beauty, and in Merseyside we’ve got miles of stunning coast line to wander. Looking out across the river Mersey and down to the Irish sea leaves me feeling refreshed and renewed every single time. Good for the mind and good for the lungs. 


Crosby train station Hall Road. Yellow MerseyRail train in station. Cosmic Kick Liverpool lifestyle blog  

Last week I made the most of the sunshine by hopping on the train to Crosby. Not once but three times 😮 (Me – 3 v Agoraphobia – 0). My first visit was on a quiet Monday morning. Stepping off the almost empty train, I feel a million miles from the noisy crowded main road I live on. In reality I’m only a couple of miles away from home. The only sound I hear is the train pulling away. If only the weather was warmer. But then there’d be more people. Nope, I’m good with a little cool air. It means less Beach goers and more peace for me!  

Crosby beach starling birds eating chips at the van Cosmic Kick Liverpool lifestyle blogCosmic Kick Liverpool lifestyle blog  

Facing out to sea, there’s a chip van run by a lovely woman who’s name I’ve forgotten, but be sure to grab a hot chocolate with marshmallows from her if you pop down. We shared our chips with some local starlings that congregate on the promenade there. The chip van lady showed us how to get the tiny birds to eat from our hands. From there we went down and sat on the Beach steps, checking out shells, crabs and er… dead jelly fish. There couldn’t have been a more perfect day to mark the spring equinox (apart from the little dead guy). 


The next day I visited Crosby again, this time with Dad. The plan was to go food shopping, but we somehow ended up at the Beach. This time though the van wasn’t there. Boo! The sun was though, and the tide was in, crashing waves in to the Beach wall.  


Sunday brought the most beautiful day of the year so far, and I wasn’t the only one to notice. The beach was heaving with people. There’s a huge patch of grass down by the front where kiters – I think that’s what they’re called… you know, people who fly kites? – hang out to fly some of the most unique kites I’ve ever seen. Floating in the sky were huge strings of birds, giant squid-like creatures and even bunnies. Apparently they appear on the beach regularly but I’d never seen them before. 


I’d packed a treat for the adorable starlings we met a few days back. Porridge outs. Now, I thought birds loved that shit! But not today. So many people had fed them bits of picnic and chip van food that it’s a wonder they could fly. I threw down some oats to the smallest of the bunch thinking he might appreciate getting first dibs but nope. My oats were snubbed. Rude!  

We’d planned to walk the Sefton coastal path but got side tracked exploring something I’d never noticed before; the “Brick Beach”. A massive mound of bricks that were dumped there during the Blitz in WW2. It’s amazing that all of these pieces of our city are still there, although I do wonder how much has been dumped since the war. This section of pastel coloured tiling stood out among the red brick.

 Bricks from the ww2 blitz at crosby beach formby liverpool cosmic kick

After the long winter we’ve had – and that some of us are still having – those few days last week were just what was needed to bring me back to life. And getting away from the noise has a lasting effect. I barely noticed the traffic outside my flat for days, and when my neighbors woke me up screaming and slamming doors in the middle of the night, I simply rolled over and fell back asleep.Ahhhh bliss. So get out there and in to nature asap city folks. Do it for your sanity! How have you been enjoying Spring so far?




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