Baby Gaga

A London ice cream parlor recently created a new ice cream flavour called Baby Gaga. The mix included vanilla, lemon and BREAST MILK. Yep, they were apparently paying women £15 every 1/3 ltr. Nom nom! The local council obviously went gaga (teehee) over this and banned it. Lady Gaga herself has apparently heard about it and has threatened to sue them, saying that she wants nothing to do with the product, describing it as “nausea inducing” and believes that the parlour are trying to take advantage of her reputation and good will!!!! Seriously if she was that bothered about her positive image, she wouldn’t be pulling a gun from inside her vagey voovoo in her new video Born This Way.What about the plans to make a fragrance which will smell like blood and semen? I’d rather eat Breast Milk Ice Cream than watch or smell either of those things.

Anyyway, here’s a cute version Gaga’s Paparazzi. Adorable. 

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