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The Health Benefits of Owning an E-Bike

The health benefits of electric e-bike

As much as I’d love to be, I’ve never been a gym bunny. I’ve tried to keep up home fitness regimes like PX90, but they’re not for me. I get bored quickly and end up back on the couch by the end of the warm up.

My kind of exercise has to be fun, like cycling. Cycling is one of those exercises that I could do for hours on end. Pedalling through unexplored countryside gives me a sense of freedom that boosts my endorphins more than I ever could in a gym.

But, before I moved cities last year I sold my bike: Biggest mistake ever! I miss being able to whizz to the shops in minutes. No waiting for the bus; just hop on and go.

This summer I plan to start cycling again so I’ve been browsing my bike options online.

Liverpool has an amazing pay as you go hire scheme that’s great for inner city travel, but I’m planning to venture further afield. My new flat is close to the Transpennine Trail: A path that runs coast to coast from Southport to Hornsea.

It’s a 215 mile route that’s a bit much for a beginner, but would be made a whole lot easier with an electric bike.



The benefits of an E-Bike

Mobility brand, Fenetic Wellbeing has recently launched a range of five E-Bikes. They have foldable bikes – great for storing in small spaces at home or in work. There is even a beautiful electric Mountain E-Bike that I’d love to try out for my Transpennine trip.

E-Bikes are an ideal choice for anyone with joint problems such as arthritis, or even for those who don’t feel fit enough to make long journeys. The bikes use a Pedal Assist System (PAS). This means that when the user applies a small amount of pressure on to the pedals, a motor kicks in to takes the load off.

Electric bikes are a bank-friendly and eco-friendly alternative to car travel too. Cycling to work can help you get more vitamin D, and – depending on how urban your commute is – more fresh air. Because E-Bikes use a PAS, you’ll arrive at the office sweat free.


In collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing.

Cover image courtesy of Kerri Webster at Dank Musings.

Health Benefits of Owning an Ebike








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