BlogConf Wales Blogger Event. Are you going?

Are you going to the Wales BlogConf this weekend? If so you might get a surprise from Cosmic Kick in your goody bag. Keep your eyes peeled for an exclusive discount too!

BlogConf is a day long event being held in Swansea this Saturday where attendees will be given lessons on everything they need to get their dream blogs up and running. There will be an excellent selection of Speakers to help you on your way including Laura Schwormstedt of Side Street Style, Freelance designer Benjy Standton, Photographer Kat O’Brien, Ruth Dawson of the South Wales Evening Post amongst others. Unfortunately tickets are sold out now but I’m sure there will be loads of awesome blog posts after Saturday. I can’t wait to read them all.

To everyone going, have an awesome day and enjoy the cake!! (…I want cake! So jealous -_- )