Bloggers Grilled: Beauty Addict 32

Bloggers Grilled Series featuring Sarah from Beauty Addict 32

Everybody say hello to Sarah from beauty and lifestyle blog, Beauty Addict 32! Today, Sarah’s helping us catch up where we left off with the Bloggers Grilled series. The last installment was waaay back in August when Jane from Lady Janey stopped by.

Don’t remember what Blogger’s Grilled is all about? Well, I’ll tell you! Back last summer, I’d read a few articles on the toughest job interview questions of all time, decided it could be an interesting way to get to know some new bloggers and so set about finding some brave folks to answer them.

Take it away Sarah!


Bloggers Grilled Blog Series – Beauty Addict 32

Tell me about your childhood

I have a twin sister – we are not identical, but our childhood was so much fun, as I always had my best friend with me. We went everywhere together, and became fondly known as the “Twins” by everyone in our street and neighbourhood.

Sarah from Beauty Addict 32 and her twin sister. Bloggers Grilled series on Cosmic Kick


If you could sing one song on X Factor, what would it be?

I have been in love with the song The Last Night of The World from the show Miss Saigon for as long as I can remember – and I would sing this – very badly though, as I have such a terrible singing voice!


How would your worst enemy describe you?

I would like to think I don’t have any enemies!


Describe your biggest weakness. Then describe another.

I am a bit too opinionated and I believe that my opinion is the right one at all time. I am also too much of a perfectionist with everything.


If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why?

I would be Muesli. I am soft – like the raisins and fruit, but I have a tough exterior like the oats.


Who is your hero, and why?

I’m not sure I have a hero as such. I have a huge amount of respect and love for many people for many different reasons.


What’s your biggest regret so far?

My biggest regret is that I haven’t travelled and seen parts of the world that I have always dreamed of seeing. I really hope that one day I can fulfill this dream.


What is your coping mechanism when you have a bad day?

I am a lot stronger than I believe I can be, and I generally cope with things quite well. Generally, this will involve having a bit of time on my own, having a cry and feeling sorry for myself for a bit, and then I seem to go into practical mode, and just get on with it.


How lucky are you and why?

I am very lucky. I have amazing family and friends, I am healthy, I have a lovely house and my adorable cat. I realise and appreciate that not everyone has these things in their life, so I really do know how lucky I am.


What was the last gift you bought someone?

The last gift I bought someone would be for my friend who has just had a new little baby. I adore shopping for gifts for my family and friends.


If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

If I could change one thing about me it would be to try not to worry so much about everything all the time. I am a natural born worrier, and it doesn’t do me any good. I worry about things I have no control over and I worry about things in the future, and I can get myself in a real tizz, which doesn’t help me at all.


Me too Sarah! Me too. While we’re on the topic, if I could give all you worriers out there any advice at all, it would be to a; Keep a daily gratitude journal. This helps me to focus on the positive. And b; Try daily meditation. It doesn’t have to be religious or spiritual if that’s not your bag, but using a meditation app like Headspace has helped me build self esteem which in turn helps to silence that internal negative chatter.

Are you a blogger who’d like to be featured on the Bloggers Grilled blog series? Just get in touch via the contact form and I’ll get back to you soon! [No brands please].

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