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Bloggers Grilled blog series Cover Photo. Lady Janey

We’re on week three of my Bloggers Grilled blog series already! How did that happen? Last week Liam from Liam’s Life was grilled. This week is the turn of Jane from Lady Janey.

Jane’s blog is dedicated to promoting great customer service by sharing experiences. My personal favourite of her recent posts is this mini-rant on cold calling. (Grrr, I can’t stand cold callers!).

Take it away, Jane!


Bloggers Grilled Blog Series – Lady Janey

Tell me about your childhood

I was born in Yorkshire and brought up in Lancashire and Nottinghamshire as we moved around a bit during my primary years due to Dad’s job. When I went to secondary school, we were back in Lancashire but I don’t think I ever really settled. I was really good in school and ended up being Head Girl but have to say that school years were not the happiest of my life and I hope I never have to relive them. Although languages are my specialty, my favourite subject was English. I fondly remember my teachers and it’s because of them that I still have a love of writing to this day, and also one of the reasons why I started my blog.


If you could sing one song on X Factor, what would it be?

I LOVE singing so to be honest I would probably sing anything just to get on there. A really power ballad that I could belt out would be my dream- something along the lines of Adele, Someone Like You.

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How would your worst enemy describe you?

As a worrier. I constantly stress about the day that hasn’t come and spend far too much time worrying about my actions and what people think of me and what I do.


Describe your biggest weakness. Then describe another.

Decision-making; I have never been able to make decisions and doubt I will ever find it easy to make them. I think it’s down to being a Libran but decision-making is most definitely not my forte. I’ve also become addicted to social media since starting my blog so constantly have to have enforced detoxes to avoid burn out.

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If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why?

I like to think of myself as a classy, top end, expensive muesli but think I’m much more like a good old box of Cornflakes, what you see is what you get.


Who is your hero, and why?

I’ve spent years battling with Multiple Sclerosis so even though my first reaction to this question was my mum, my dad, my sister or my husband who have resolutely supported me throughout, I think that perhaps my hero should be me, just like in the Mariah Carey song. Sometimes, if you look inside yourself, you may find a depth of inspiration and strength, which you never knew, was there.


What’s your biggest regret so far?

Wasting a lot of my teenage years running around after boys who just weren’t worth it. If I could go back to my younger self, I’d give her a slap and hope she came to her senses. I was such an idiot!


What is your coping mechanism when you have a bad day?

My dog- he is my absolute world and I love him with all my heart.

How lucky are you and why?

Not at all lucky. The only competition I would ever win is one for entering the most competitions with zero success!


What was the last gift you bought someone?

A picture frame for my sister. She’s recently celebrated her 40th birthday so I wrote her a poem and framed it. I love writing poems; they are my hobsession (hobby and obsession)


If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would like to not be so sensitive as I wear my heart on my sleeve and even though this can be lovely as really care and feel for others, it also means that I am easily wounded myself and I don’t find it easy to bounce back.


Thanks Jane! So many of us bloggers seem to be sensitive types. I can totally relate to this. 

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