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This weeks Bloggers Grilled guest, Victoria is a blogging machine! Not only does she post (almost) daily over at her lifestyle blog Lylia Rose, but earlier this year she launched a new healthy living blog, Healthy Vix. On top of all that, Victoria runs a boutique where she sells a huge range of gorgeous scarves! Striped, sequined, animal print; she’s got ’em all.

Over on her blog you’ll find parenting tips, meal ideas, fitness advice and loads more. Take it away Vix!


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Bloggers Grilled Blog Series – Lylia Rose

Tell me about your childhood

I was raised by my mum who was a single parent.  We have never met our Dad who left when I was two.  It was just me and my sister raised by my mum who was a young single mum.  She had me at age 18.  I remember money always being tight, but she always worked and provided everything she could.
As a teenager I longed for my independence and hated not having my own space – we lived in a two bed flat and I shared a bedroom with my younger sister – so I moved out at age 17 whilst still in sixth form!

If you could sing one song on X Factor, what would it be?

I wouldn’t dare sing a song in front of anyone!  I can’t sing to save my life!

How would your worst enemy describe you?

I’m not sure I’d like to know…

Describe your biggest weakness. Then describe another.

I’m a workaholic.  I run my own business and I’m obsessed with it.  Because I work from home there is always something I could be working on so I find it hard to switch off and give my husband my full attention.
Becoming obsessed with things is probably my second weakness as once I commit to something I go at it full pelt.  So as well as my business consuming me, I also have a passion for healthy living so I’m constantly reiterating everything I’ve read or watched to my husband and other people… Not sure if that’s a weakness though as I’m doing it for their own good!

If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why?

Rude Health Puffed Spelt.  Simply because it’s my favourite cereal at the moment and is the perfect representation of my healthy mision to eat only wholefoods with no refined sugar or weird ingredients.  Pure and natural.

Who is your hero, and why?

Anyone who is chasing their dreams is a hero to me.  I can’t be bothered with people who moan all the time and never do anything about it.  You need to be the change.  So anyone doing something to try and better their lives or be happier instead of moaning about it is a hero!

What’s your biggest regret so far?

Not going travelling and getting into a lot of debt.  I was really rubbish with money in my late teens and as soon as I could get credit I did.  I spent loads and got into debt very quickly with nothing to show for it.  I wish I’d been sensible with money and a saver.  I should have travelled the world and I now plan on travelling a lot more as my kids get older.

What is your coping mechanism when you have a bad day?

Getting out of the house as I work at home and going to the beach or the countryside.  Disappearing for a while and getting away from people, concrete and technology.  Being alone surrounded by nature brings me back to reality.

How lucky are you and why?

I am very lucky to have a husband who is devoted to me and to have two wonderful children.

What was the last gift you bought someone?

We bought our nephew some Lego for his birthday.  We get him Lego every year as he’s obsessed with it!

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

To be a calmer mum! I get quite stressed at the kids and I’d love to be a calm and gentle type, but it’s really not me.


“Anyone who is chasing their dreams is a hero to me”. Amen to that! Thanks Vix. ♥ Want to be featured on Bloggers Grilled? Just get in touch via the contact form and I’ll get back to you soon!


Bloggers Grilled Blogger Interview Series featuring Lylia Rose

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