Charity Ideas for Christmas and Beyond

Ever felt the urge to give more at Christmas but finding yourself stuck for charity ideas? Me too. I’m a bit late for Christmas 2016 but I’ve been brainstorming ways I could help out next Christmas but a lot of these apply at any time of the year. If you have a Christmas charity tradition or if you have any ideas please leave them in the comments sections below.

Charity Ideas for Christmas and Beyond

Give via your hobbies:

A really fun way to help out Charities at Christmas is to use your hobbies to raise cash or gifts. Two of my favourite stories come from a blogger I’ve been following for a while. Holly from UK Couponing donated £1164.39 worth of food to charity: All of which she paid for using her couponing hobby! Holly also donated £1000 worth of toys that she’d won through her comping hobby to the Salvation Army! This is something I’ve been considering too as I’m a comping addict! It’s amazing how many families can’t afford their own Christmas dinner or presents so donations like these ensure those left out are able to join in the festive fun.

Or how about putting your gaming skills to charitable use? Gamers around the world often raise money through charity gaming events in which they live stream their session whilst viewers watch along and donate. You could even hold a real-world gaming event at a local venue and charge people to attend and donate the takings to a cause.

Crafters have tons of options too. Knitters and sewers often create blankets and clothes for those in desperate need of warmth during the winter months. Team it with a sponsored knit to raise cash as well as clothing.

Whether it’s singing, sports or cake-baking, there’s always a way to help others via your hobby.

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Give your time:

Volunteering is one of the easiest and most popular ways to be charitable and there are so many benefits to giving this way. You’ll gain a greater sense of purpose, and depending on the cause you might have a chance to get your hands dirty. Seeing the immediate results of your effort is rewarding. Charities are always crying out for helpers,especially around Christmas time when there is more demand at homeless shelters, food banks and on phone helplines, so why not start local and see what you can find near you. Maybe ask at your local Job Centre or visit and search for your city or town. Some of the bigger names are, or check out’s volunteering page for more local organisations. If you’re a student or young person check out Vinspired. They even give out certifications and can offer qualifications and training.

Giving time to a cause can be as easy as rounding up some friends and handing out packed lunches on Christmas Day. It was heart-warming to see so many people out on the streets and helping the homeless here in Liverpool this Christmas. I saw entire families handing out Christmas presents and tents this year: A great example of charity for their children.

Bathroom specialists, Bathing Solutions has a handy list of 5 volunteering programs you can work for at Christmas over on their blog. (You have a year to plan ahead!).


Give charity gifts:

As important as it is to donate money to charity, it doesn’t make for a very exciting gift to unwrap. Here’s where charity gifting comes in: Sites like Oxfam Unwrapped, Good Gifts and Present Aid give you the option to donate things like a “Goat”, the chance to “Educate a Child” or even donate an entire “Ironing Business” in your recipients name. The recipient will receive a card with information about their gift inside and you can add extras like a chocolate goat or a tote bag.

There are lots of places online that sell ethically sourced hand made gifts. Items that are guaranteed to be sold through fair trade. TraidCraft and Ethical Superstore sell a whole host of gifts including chocolate, knitwear, shoes and loads more. These purchases ensure fair treatment of producers in areas poverty stricken areas of the world.


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