Christmas Gift Guide. Ideas for Nerdy Geek Girls.

Portal Companion Cube bead -$34.99 from Think Geek
Adventure Time Crafts Book – £12.73 from Amazon
The Phobos Necklace – £62.40 from diamondsandcoal1 on Etsy
Lime Crime Uniliner Liquid Eye Liner – £9.00 from Cocktail Cosmetics
POP! Vinyl Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Figure – £12.80 from Amazon
Dr Who Tardis Mug and Lid – £15.00 from Amazon
OPI Peanuts By Schulz Mini, 4-pcs set kit – £13.92 from Amazon
Star Trek Uhura Deluxe Make-up Bag – £28.99 from Amazon & Think Geek
Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2 – $350.00 from The Oculus Rift website
 – £109.00 + from various retailers.
Day 7 is here! Technically it’s day 8 but I missed day 7 when I dozed off after my dinner yesterday, which means we have 2 blog posts going up today, yaaay!
Today’s guide is for those buying presents for the nerd girl in your life this Christmas. Buying for geek girls is easy. Ask yourself 2 questions. Is it fun? Is it practical? If the answer to both is yes, chances are she is going to love it. Of course, nerds like flashy presents too, but we’re not really in to diamonds. Meteorites are much more interesting and unique.
If you really want to spoil your nerd this Christmas you may want to think about buying them an Oculus Rift. The latest in virtual reality technology. If you haven’t seen what this baby can do then check it out on YouTube. This will keep her busy until next Christmas! Just be sure to do your research before buying as this is a developers kit. The consumer version will be out later in 2015 so depending on how tech savvy your nerd is, you may want to hold off a while.

I hope you guys find this helpful. What are your favourite items? What kind of gift ideas would you like to see next? Let me know below and I’ll include some ideas in my next post.

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