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Christmas Shopping. It Begins…

I popped out to town today with the intention of, a. Picking up a bank statement. b. Buying some ceiling decorations for the living room. Neither of those things were done. I did however pick up some nice pieces for the tree. Check out these bad boys!

These present shaped baubles are from Tiger and cost £4 for 5. I’d wanted to pop in there for a while but it’s always heaving with people and today was no different, but they had so many nice Christmas-y bits that I just had to go in. That shop is dangerous! I could almost hear the stationary items begging me to buy them, but luckily I managed to resist their powers. Tiger has some cute, unique baubles so be sure to check them out if that’s what you’re looking for.

A kind of tradition had developed in this house. Every year we pop in to John Lewis and buy 1 or 2 of their baubles. This has led to our tree being a bit random and having no specific style, but it feels very personalised, each bauble having a reason for being on the tree. This years John Lewis selection is perfect and choosing just two was tough! In the end I chose this almost tartan style drop bauble because I’m really into the current tartan trend, and the red telephone box below because they remind me of London, and I love London♥.

Remember my post about Postcrossing last month? When I spotted these glittery, festive London postcards in Paperchase I had to buy a few to share with fellow Postcrossers. If you are a Postcrosser living outside of the UK you may be getting one of these through your letter box in a few days!

Foodies who visit Cardiff should always be sure to drop by Wally’s Deli in the Royal Arcade. A beautiful world food store with an old fashioned vibe. There is a Belgian chocolate stand just to the left as you enter. Obviously I couldn’t pass by without trying a few out, you know, for science. I went for a Christmas Pudding and an Amaretto flavoured chocolate. Delicious!
The store now has a coffee shop upstairs that I will be checking out next time I’m there.

We popped in to Hotel Chocolat before we left town, where my bf treated me some of my favourites. Eton Mess chocolates! The evil assistant talked him in to buying a Salted Caramel bar too (I love you evil assistant.). He also informed us of a competition they are running where you could win a years worth of Hotel Chocolat! Imagine that! just save your receipt, go to their website and fill out a customer satisfaction survey, entering your receipt code as proof of purchase.

Do you have any favourite styles of Christmas decorations? Maybe you make your own. Let me know below!

After reading other bloggers Blogmas posts I was inspired to do my own. This is my first month long challenge so wish me luck and super stamina!

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