Clicks of Awesome #1

This is the first of a new weekly digest here on Cosmic Kick, in which I’ll be sharing my favourite bits of the internet from the past seven days. Let’s crack on!

• Space X uploaded a video to their YouTube channel this week showing some amazing images of Earth from space! The footage was captured via a Go Pro camera that had been attached to a Falcon 9 rocket during its fall back to earth. Get dizzy watching it tumble back home here.

• My partner had been trying to get me to watch a new YouTube film, Kung Fury, for a week before I gave in (It’s 30 minutes long …30 minutes is a lot of time to dedicate to a YouTube vid). As it turns out, Kung fury is not only one of my favourite clicks of this week, but of all time! This nostalgia-fueled masterpiece encapsulates everything that kicked ass about pop culture in the 80s and 90s and parodies it in the most awesome way. Have you played the game Blood Dragon? It’s a lot like that (in fact the film makers were inspired by the game). Starring David Hasselhoff and that one guy from Lonely Island, you have to drop everything and go watch it over here now!

• The gamers among you will have already seen the Fall Out 4 trailer this week. What did you think? I am so ready for a new Fallout game (even though I still haven’t completed all of New Vegas…I know, it’s been 5 years…). The graphics were not what I was expecting, and not in a bad way. Everything looks much simpler and brighter than what we’re used to from Fallout, and it looks like they are going for an excessively 1950s, Atomic Age style (yes, more so that usual). There are hints in the trailer of a playable pre-fallout era too which is exciting! Hopefully Bethesda will show us some gameplay at E3 this month.

• The Foo Fighters tour continued through Europe this week and a lucky German fan had his dream come true when Dave Grohl called him up on stage. The Foo-fan had been holding up a large painting of Dave in the crowd. Grohl being a total badass, called him on to the stage, hugged him and signed the painting! Watch the moment over here.

• Creative advertising company Joseph & Joseph took a simple idea and made it hilarious. They found the most awkwardly written LinkedIn profiles (profiles full of over confidence, boasting etc) and had actors read them out. My favourite “My approach is human, because, people are human.”. Cringe here.

What did you enjoy online this week? Let me know below!

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