Clicks of Awesome #2

Hello! Another Sunday, another installment of Clicks of Awesome! A collection of my favourite bits of the internet from the past 7 days. You can check out week 1 over here.

•  I discovered a whole YouTube channel of awesome when I watched Real GTA earlier this week. Judging by the current view count (over 4.5 millions in 6 days!) it’s likely that you’ve already seen it, but I going to go ahead and post it anyway, just in case. With the clever use of Go-Pro’s and green screens, CorridorDigital created a real life Grand Theft Auto V with a perfect soundtrack. Check it out below, and while you’re there, why not check out their Superman vid too? You wont regret it.

•  What’s more fun than a water slide? A water slide with a trippy light show inside of course! This slide is based inside a gigantic zepplin hangar at the Tropical Islands water-park resort in Germany. How amazing does that place look? Tropical Islands now has place on my bucket list.

•  Styropyro builds amazing things with lasers. This week he shared a 40w laser shotgun with us.

•  Do you love paper craft? No I mean do you reeeally love paper craft? Like Dee Gruenig loves paper craft? YouTube user Found Footage Fest uploaded this hilarious old VHS clip of her demonstrating the Magic Rainbow Sponge. Alright Dee, I’m convinced. I’ll take two.

•  Okay, I know Dave Grohl featured in last weeks CoA, but after what happened to him this week I couldn’t leave him out! During a gig in Sweden, Grohl tripped and fell off stage, breaking his leg in the process. It wasn’t pretty, but being the trooper that he is, Dave addressed the crowd from his stretcher, informing them he would be be back to finish the gig after he’d been to hospital. The rest of the Foo Fighters kept the audience entertained until he returned. He returned to the stage mid song with his leg in plaster, and according to some articles kept playing for a further 3 hours!

 What made you laugh this week? If you have anything to share, leave it in the comments below!


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