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Clicks of Awesome 5: Best of the Internet This Week.

Clicks of Awesome is a regular feature where I share with you my favourite videos, articles and other fun stuff from around the internet. Read past Clicks of Awesome here.

Freaky Eye Research.

Italian psychologist, Giovanni Caputo has discovered that staring in to peoples eyes can induce some creepy effects, including hallucinations and memory loss. Read more about the study over on the British Psychological Society website.

Also, check out this weird eye trick below. Just focus on the centre of the cross and watch your world melt.

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Patrick Stewart Reddit AMA.

The Internet’s favourite human being, Patrick Stewart, did an AMA over on Reddit this week (AMA = ask me anything for those who don’t know) to promote his new US TV series, Blunt Talk. Oh how the nerds rejoiced! Click here to read Patrick Stewart’s AMA. This was my favourite answer:


90s Professional Modelling Advice.

Found Footage Fest has been featured on Clicks of Awesome before, and this week they uploaded another gem. Experts from the modelling industry give their top tips on how to be a better 90s model! It’s pretty hilarious, but honestly, I can see myself using a few of these…

Swim Through the Sky.

The Nine Elms housing complex in London is about to get an exciting – or terrifying depending on your fondness of heights – upgrade in the form of a unique swimming pool that bridges two residential buildings together. It looks amazing, but at £600,000 for their most basic flat I’ll be viewing safely from the ground. Read more on The Independent website Would you take a dip here?

Bad Lip Reading.

You’ve probably heard of this channel before. They take popular TV and Music videos and dub them. The result is always hilarious (Walking Dead fans need to go to their channel and watch their zombie dubbing skills. So funny).

Tori Amos Cover’s a Nine Inch Nails song.

As a huge fan of both Tori and Trent Reznor I have no idea how I missed her cover of Nine Inch Nail’s Something I Can Never Have. Since their break up back in the 90s, both parties have nodded to one another through their lyrics, so this makes for an interesting version of the song. Watch Tori’s cover here.

Seen anything spectacular? Found a new album you want to tell everyone about? Let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for new stuff to consume!

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