[Competition Closed] Win a Fantastic Beasts Funko Pop Figure and Journal!

I’ve got a shocking confession to make, dear readers: I’ve never seen Harry Potter! I know, shocking right? Okay, so I half-watched the first film waaay back in my teens in a cinema full of excited, noisy kids so I get the gist (Magical powers; “you’re a wizard Harry!”.Yada yada), but beyond the basics I know nothing about the Potter universe. So when my other half suggested we see Fantastic Beasts I wasn’t too enthusiastic. That was until one day in December when I had received a DM on Twitter saying I had won a Fantastic Beasts competition! The prize was a biggie: Fantastic Beasts merchandise, 6 tickets to see the film in 3D IMAX, a £100 voucher for cinema munchies and a further £150 in restaurant vouchers for a post-film slap-up meal.

Wayne was made up – although this was possibly more to do with the promise of food than the film at this point. However when the prize arrived it wasn’t quite what they’d advertised: It was much better. They’d only gone and sent a £350 Love2shop voucher along with some kickass merchandise!

We had a great night (correction: We had a few great nights out of that voucher) and as it turned out I enjoyed the film much more than I’d anticipated. Not least, Queenie’s stunning vintage style wardrobe (That pink coat <3). 1920s New York is so romantic, even with the addition of creepy magical animals and wizards-gone-wild running around the city.

But what about that awesome merch I mentioned earlier? Well, seeing as how the film is set to be released in a few weeks I’ve decided to share the love and give it away to one of you fantastic folks!

 Fantastic-beasts-funko-pop- Newt

Win Fantastic Beasts Goodies:

The prize up for grabs is a Fantastic Beasts Funko Pop! Newt Scamander 02 vinyl figure and a Newt Scamander Hardcover Ruled Journal!

All you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter form below and answer this question: If you could own your own pet fantastic beast, would would it be and why? I’d own a dish-washing octopus. He’d live happily in my sink and thanks to all of those arms, he’d tackle the chore in seconds!

All entries are optional so you can choose how you want to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Closes: 23rd March 2017

Open to UK and Ireland.

One person will win the following prize: 1 x Newt Funko Pop figure and Newt Journal.

Winner will be contacted via email or Twitter and must reply within 14 days of email being sent.

Please allow 14 days for delivery of prize.

This giveaway is in no way associated with any of the above brands or titles.

Thanks to all who enter and Good luck!



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  • I would want a Bowtruckle, mainly because he reminds me of Groot but also because I like that he can unlock doors – I feel we could get into mischief together…..

  • I would like a very small friendly dragon, who could keep me warm and cosy just by breathing out some fire

  • Kim Styles

    I would have a pegasus because I would love to ride a flying horse

  • Tracy K Nixon

    A fire breathing dragon who could light up our bbqs!

  • Solange

    A giraffe who’d help me to clean those hard to reach places. No more step ladder for me!

  • Hali Kinson

    a giant cat that was tame and you could go around on like a horse

  • Jayne Townson

    Mine would be a big flying pug, because I’m pug mad.

  • Rebecca

    I’d want a Niffler. They would ensure I’d never be short a shiny bob or two! 😉

  • Beverley

    A tribble! They’re just so cute!

  • Harline

    A monkey I just love them

  • maci234

    a big cat love cats

  • Kelly Wheelhouse

    mine would be a unicorn because they are awesome

  • Andy Davison

    A Thestral, could really freak some people out riding around on an invisible horse!

  • Brad Start

    I would love to have Fang, Hagid’s pet.

  • Adeinne Tonner

    A dog dragon half dog and half dragon so i can run around with it in the park then fly over the city on it.

  • Sarahann

    Would have to be a fire breathing dragon – we’d light up the night sky!

  • jo liddement

    My son would love to have Toothless from How to train your Dragon as his pet

  • Stella Methvin

    I have no idea and would need to think on it but my 16 yr old grand daughter who is a wizard master would probably have one in mind

  • Rebecca Smith

    a unicorn! there beautiful, magical and everyone wants a unicorn, right : )

  • Cheryl M Price

    I would choose a dragon to remind me of the MIL 🙂

  • Jules Smith Eley

    it would have to be that platapus? at the start of the film? that steals anything shiny? because he looks like fun

  • Ray Dodds

    A unicorn my granddaughter just loves these

  • Donata Scoging

    a giant dragonfly, they’re beautiful!

  • Nat Newham

    A niffler 🙂

  • Layla

    I’d love anything big enough to fly me around at nights after the kids go to bed.

  • Tan

    A pocket dragon which keeps my tea from cooling when I forget about it.

  • Matthew Warman

    I’d like a unicorn preferably with powers!

  • chani

    I would love a magic dolphin that could transport me anywhere in the world, in a giant bubble under the sea.

  • Jo Glasspool

    A Phoenix, they’re just beautiful mythical creatures. I love them so much, I named my daughter Phoenix.

  • Ruth Harwood

    definintely a phoenix as they regenerate!!

  • Leila Benhamida

    It will be a cute baby dragon and will call him Flame. Love the fact that it can fly and spit fire.

  • Virginia Chico

    A dragon to fly me to work and defend me when things get tricky…

  • Natalie White

    One of the cute ones at the beginning of the film that steals coins! 🙂

  • Susan Smith

    Would have to be a dragon, to watch over us and get us to work over the traffic instead of waiting in traffic queues

  • With two daughters, I would have to have a simple unicorn 😉

  • Laura Pritchard

    An amazing flying dragon…think of the air fares I’d save!

  • melanie stirling

    It would be a unicorn to ride and to look pretty in the garden.

  • a.e.adkins

    A niffler would save trips to the cashpoint!

  • Lynn Neal

    a dragon no more long walks to school!

  • sallycollingwood

    A unicorn to grant me magic wishes.

  • definitely a niffler. think of the treasures! if it lets me have them that is!!

  • amy bondoc

    a dragon ive always been fascinated by them! plus i could ride on it and fly around the world !

  • Katie Skeoch

    The niffler, life wouldnt be dull!

  • Monica Gilbert

    A hippogriff (seen in Harry Potter) because I could use it to fly around.

  • Kimberley Ryan

    That would have to be a bowtruckle, so much fun

  • Jordan Jarmain

    I’d love a miniature dragon about the size of a cat that could sit on my shoulder and blow little plumes of fire. I’d certainly never be bored x

  • Paula

    I would love an owl like Hedwig because he’s such a fab bird!

  • Michelle O’neill

    i love the niffler, hes so cute x

  • Deborah Mackenzie

    I would love to have a little dragon; or a monkey cross cat…… that would be fun to play with.

  • Sirley Young

    I would love to own a nicked 🙂 he’s extra adorable 🙂

  • Sheri Darby

    I think a dragon would be perfect

  • GCforever

    Unicorns reign supreme in our house so it would have to be one of those.

  • Nata Turner

    A Niffler, they are so cute!

  • Hannah Lord

    I’d love my very own invisible dragon 🙂

  • Victoria Prince

    I’d love a talking monkey because he could fetch and carry for me and keep me company!

  • Angela Kelly

    I would own a clone who could go to work on a morning so I could sleep in. I’d have to be able to turn her off though, wouldn’t want her stealing my life!

  • Lisa Pond

    I’d like a Niffler! But a well behaved one 🙂

  • Donna Caldwell

    A Graphorn they are so caring towards there younger

  • Nancy Bradford

    I would have a cute one that isn’t against helping out with the housework 🙂

  • Spencer Wright

    I’d love a griffin to fly round the world on, with feathers that turned into local currency. 🙂

  • kim neville

    A dragon to blow fire to any enemies

  • Patricia Avery

    A unicorn because they are truly magical 🙂

  • Vicky Allum

    Definitely the Niffler is the most fantastic beast, he could collect me some treasure!

  • Josh Gough

    love it

  • Stephen Little

    A dragon – to be my personal minder!

  • cjh123

    I would have something that could fly and carry me to work and he would also be able to cook a decent meal x

  • Sophie Ade

    I would have a spider that would scare people away that are not being very nice! 🙂

  • Rachel Craig

    A flying horse. Could allow me to travel quickly and easily. Meaning I would be enabled to visit family and friends etc. My flying horse would be good natured and Beautiful. We could be happy companions, I would do my best to ensure she was fed and groomed well. I say she as a horse I rode as a child was a black mare called Peggy :- She was Beautiful and good natured. I feel privileged to have known and spent time with her.

  • Adrian Bold

    A dragon because they are so incredibly fierce!

  • Chloe Nicholls

    I’d love a hippogriff because they’re so cautious at first, but then sweet and gentle if you treat them right.

  • debbie

    grizzly bear because its big and strong and cute and cuddly xx fab giveaway xx

  • sunshine

    I’d have a gorilla, so strong

  • I would have a dragon to protect me 🙂

  • Natalie Crossan

    I’d have a grizzly bear to protect me 😀