Win a Penclic D3 Ergonomic Mouse

Our desk jobs have a lot to answer for when it comes to health. To prevent desk-related ailments like RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), TMJD (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction… try saying that three times fast), or a Curved Spine, it’s important to make the office as ergonomic as possible.

There’s no need to spend megabucks to get a comfortable set up though (although I do have my eye on this slightly-out-of-my-budget Herman Miller desk chair. It’s like having your own personal angels surrounding your lumbar..). A few simple low-cost tweaks can have a positive health impact.

I swear by keeping a yoga mat next to my desk (I found this bargain over on eBay). You don’t have to be a yoga-pro – I sure as hell ain’t – but stretching my back and legs a few times a day helps to improve my posture and stops a build up of tension in my shoulders and neck.

Protect your eyes and prevent migraines by getting regular eye tests. Another way to protect eyes is by using software that adjusts screen brightness automatically throughout the day. My favourite is F.lux. It’s a free download that filters out blue monitor light, making it easier to fall asleep and prevents eye strain.

Computer related wrist injury is common, but is so easily prevented. In March, I reviewed the Penclic D3 Ergonomic Mouse and concluded that a stylus mouse is essential for anyone with shoulder or wrist problems. I felt relief in my shoulder within hours of using it.

It’s difficult to keep good posture when you sit at a desk all day. An easy – but slightly more expensive – option is to invest in an adjustable desk like this one. Get similar results by either installing an adjustable monitor arm (they simply clamp to the desk), or if you’re really strapped for cash, place your monitor on a sturdy box so that your eyes line up with the top of the screen.


Win a Penclic D3 Ergonomic Mouse

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  • This sounds like a fab idea and a great giveaway, I have shoulder pain so I’d be really interested in trying something like this out. Will check out your review of it now. Also quite tempted to invest in a yoga mat (might help with some of the stretches the physio has recommended!)
    Caz x

    • I was amazed at how much of my neck and jaw pain is down to my work habits. Stretching regularly definitely helps 🙂 . I hope your shoulder starts to feel better soon!

      • I definitely need to look at my work habits, especially when you can spend so long doing certain things the same way each day and not realise the impact they’re having.x