Destination Star Trek London 2012 – Review and Photos.

5 captains destination star trek london

Two weeks ago I joined 18,000 Trekkie’s to hang out with beloved Star Trek actors at Destination Star Trek London in the Dockland’s ExCel events center. This was my first ever Star Trek Convention and expectations were high.

The weekend worked out even better than I’d imagined. I met the great Jean-Luc Picard (aka Patrick Stewart), which was the highlight of the entire show for me. I’m cringing about this now, but I was so overwhelmed I almost passed out.

Wayne and I had our photo taken with Brent Spiner who played Lieutenant Commander Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation. We attended tons of talks where actors and crew told tales of their onset experiences, and got to see lots of original props from the films and series.

Kate Mulgrew – Captain Janeway from Voyager (and now Red in Orange is the New Black) – is absolutely beautiful in the flesh and so gracious, taking time to make sure her fans feel special.

The weekend was full of nerd-outs and break downs, including one guy at the 5 Captain Opening Ceremony who started his question with “I think I’m having a nerd-gasm…Oh my nerd!”. You had to be there, but it was really funny.

John Barrowman did an amazing job as host of the 5 Captain Talk and dealt with star-struck fans so well, even confessing how star struck he himself was at the prospect of interviewing all 5 Captains that night. (He went on to convince Scott Bakula to sign his butt cheek on stage!).

As to be expected at an event this size and the first of it’s kind, there were some low points (do I need to mention the free talk queuing system on Sunday?). The parties were a huge let down. I’d expected something completely different. Not quite a party on board a Klingon Warbird, but a few themed decorations would of been nice. Instead, the parties were held in huge, warehouse-sized halls with bad acoustics. The echoing music was downright painful to listen to so we ended up leaving early. It’s not at all cool to label WKD as Klingon Blood wine, or Romulan ale and then over charge for it. The cheap plastic garden chairs were not cool either. Not for the ticket price! I hope the organisers get this one right next time!

Over all though the event was a lot of fun and provided me with some great memories (like when I was standing at a merchandise stall and Patrick Stewart bumped in to me… Oh my nerd!).  Would I go again? Of course I would! The organisers could definitely do a better job of the parties though!






Were you at Destination Star Trek London? Been to another Star Trek convention? Let me know below!P.S: Love Star Trek? Read my tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy here.



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