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Easy-Sew Fabric Notebook Cover With Hillarys Crafternoon.

Back in March, blogger network Joe Blogs held a fun event in Cardiff’s Chapter Arts center called #HillarysCrafternoon. An afternoon where local bloggers got down and crafty with some of Hillarys gorgeous fabrics, learning how to make notebook covers and cute fabric birds with the ladies from craft school, The Crafty Hen (you can read more about the event on the Hillarys website here). I couldn’t make it to the event, but Joe’s Bloggers sent me a lovely goody bag full of Hillarys fabrics to try out for myself. Seriously, look how gorgeous the tote bag fabric is (it’s Hillarys fabric in Roche if you want to make your own).easy-sew-book-cover-hillarys-crafternoon-joesbloggers-cosmic-kick-cosmic-kick-7

I’ve decided to skip the bird pattern, because as cute as she is, I am likely to get more use out of the notebook covers. Notebooks go through lots of wear and tear, especially if you carry them in a rucksack. These covers couldn’t be easier to make, and they will stop your notes getting tattered and torn. To check out the easy-sew fabric bird pattern from The Crafty Hen, pop over to my sister’s blog, Clare Daily, where she will show you how to whip one up in no time.

My favourite fabric of the lot is the yellow print, Isra Amber. Inspired by this hotel room I stayed in last summer, I’ve been looking for a nice yellow fabric ever since. Isra Amber will do nicely. For this post though I am using Aquarelle Mineral as it’s the perfect size for my smallest notepad.

To make your notebook cover you will need:

  • A piece of fabric at least 4 inches wider and 2 inches taller than your notebook
  • A few pins for holding the fabric in place.
  • A hard straight edge (i.e. edge of scissors, ruler, a finger nail will work) for scoring the fabric.
  • Cotton thread.

Instructions (paraphrased from The Crafty Hens pattern):

  1. Roughly gauge the height of the book and fold the top and bottom of your piece of fabric inwards to match it, creating a tidy edge, free from fraying.
  2. Lay your open notebook on top.
  3. Fold fabric over the edge of the front cover.
  4. Take a hard edge and score along the fold.
  5. Now do the same with the back cover, remembering to add a little extra width so that you will have enough fabric to be able to close your book.
  6. Put the notepad to one side and pin all of your folds to hold them in place while you sew.
  7. Make a quick stitch or two in each corner, making sure to hide any fraying edges.
  8. Remove holding pins and pop your notepad inside.

How easy was that?! Pretty protection for your trusty notebook.

What do you think of these fabrics? Do you have any craft projects on the go at the moment? Let me know below!

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