Ahava Time to Smooth Age Control Day Moisturizer: Ancient Skin Care Wisdom with a Modern Twist!

Us humans are a funny bunch. We’re forever seeking out new treatments and slapping the latest formulas on to our skin in an attempt to liven up tired complexions and make our skin glow. But sometimes the best solutions can be found by going back to our roots. Waaay back, to a place where the ancient Egyptians found answers to their skin care prayers. I’m talking about the Dead Sea.

For centuries people have bathed in the seemingly mystical waters and mud banks of the Israeli lake to treat ailments such as inflammation and infection. These days science knows what makes the Dead Sea so special and skin care manufactures have taken advantage of the lake’s mineral dense, anti-bacterial properties

What makes Ahava different?

Ahava is a natural skincare and cosmetics company based on the shores of the dead sea. They have been researching the beneficial properties of the Dead Sea and producing products for 27 years!

At the core of Ahava is an exclusive blend of Dead Sea minerals called Osmoter. Osmoter features in every single Ahava product and wont be found anywhere else. This unique combination of minerals promises to replenish and rehydrate skin.

In addition, all of Ahava’s products are natural, paraban free, SLS/SLES free, allergy tested, approved for sensitive skin, free of animal testing and produced without petroleum, harsh synthetic ingredients or GMOs. That’s a lot of good for your skin!


Ahava Time to Smooth Age Control Day Moisturizer review.

I’ve been massaging Time to Smooth in to my face every morning for around a week now and it definitely lives up to its name. My skin feels smooth with every application.

The scent is subtle, which is something I prefer from a moisturiser, and can be likened to Olay. The texture is creamy and light and I need just a very small amount for my combination skin. Within seconds my face is softened and it stays this way all day long, leaving a silky smooth, evened out feeling. Instantly my skin looks more radiant and glowing. In fact if you usually use an illuminating skin product, you could probably skip it altogether.

Would I recommend Time to Smooth?

Yes! This is a moisturiser that I would use alone to brighten up my skin on summer days when foundation is too heavy (I normally wear a gel moisturiser under makeup during in the summer time otherwise it just slides straight off my face!), or under foundation on winter days to protect my skin from drying out. It’s been is my first time trying Ahava and I’m impressed with them as a brand. I already have a growing wishlist!

You can find more skin care products including Ahava’s exciting hydrating mineral serum, Osmoter Concentrate, over at their Ebay store here. They stock a huge variety of skin care solutions including facial skin care, bath and body products, hand and nail, massage and even shaving products. And if you head over there now you can save up to 50% on every purchase!

Have you tried any of Ahava’s products? What is your favourite skin smoothing product? Let me know below!


*This product was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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