The Best Last Minute Plus Size Halloween Costumes

I don’t know what it is about Halloween but I’m never ready for it. Every year it creeps up on me with a massive *BOO!*. Thankfully for us unprepared types, there are loads of online stores that provide next day delivery. Read on for my top plus size Halloween costume picks.

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Halloween Witch Costumes

 Classic plus size halloween witch outfit from

 spellbinder plus size witch halloween costume from

If it’s a witch costume you’re after then you’re in luck. There are so many plus size witch outfits online you’ll be spoiled for choice. These are 4 of my fav’s, but hurry because this little lot is selling out fast!

Halloween Zombie Costumes




Walking Dead-crazy atm? Dress like an extra this Halloween! A zombie costume is perfect if you cba to make a massive effort with make-up: You don’t even need to bother with concealer. Just go wild with the eyeliner (plenty of smudging under the eyes and cheek bones) and fake blood, and you’re done.

TV and Film Fancy Dress




Good quality plus size TV and Film characters are a bit harder to find at short notice – most are from China and we don’t have enough time to order before the big day – but here are some of the best I could find.

Magenta is always a good choice, and with the new Rocky Horror Show series coming soon it’s a great time to don a huge permed red wig (unless you’re fortunate enough to be able to use your natural hair!).

The Katy Perry outfit is so cute! Not at all spooky but I thought it was worth a mention because it’s so well made.

This Chucky outfit genuinely creeps me out: It looks like a demented Rug at crossed with David Bowie.

Make Up


Over at Look Fantastic, they’ve put together a gorgeous “Vampy Chic” Illamasqa kit which contains everything you’ll need for a vampire make-up look.

ASOS has a handy 3 pack of UV reactive blood gel. Pop it in your bag for gory touch-ups throughout the night.
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