Cheaper alternative to Cliniques 3 step system

Long time no post.

This is part rant, part friendly advice.

I used to use Clinique Soap and Toners. This would usually come to a grand total of £35 for the two items. Why oh why was I wasting my money.
Last year whilst shopping, I picked up a copy of John Lewis’ magazine at the door, and there were a lot of beauty tips. One woman said that if you use a good muslin cloth with your cleanser, then there is no need whatsoever for a toner. So , I had a look around, and instead of a muslin cloth, I picked up this handy little face sponge from Body Shop.
Facial Buffer – Body Shop – £3.00
I then ran out my my over priced soap. So i had to pick up some cheap stuff from Sainsburys. I opted for Simple soap, a 2 pack for 60p.
I tried it that night, I wet the sponge with warm water, rubbed it over the normal everyday non rip-off soap and guess what? It had the exact effect as the £35 twosome I was buying previously. I then tried a Simple moisturiser.
This cost me £2.50 for a rather large bottle. And I am amazed at the results. I have no oily build up, my skin doesn’t burn from sweeping chemicals over it and it removes my make up pretty well too. Not only this, but it provides a perfect base for my foundation. Nice and smooth.  Removing your eye make up is a different story. Try Boots Botanics range. I use this and it works a treat.
So there ya go. Don’t make choices on what glossy magazines tell us is good for us, because, they are getting paid good money for us to blow our hard earned cash.
Laters Internets xx