Combat Face Shine with Marine Fluid Shine-Free from The Laser Treatment Clinic.

Shiny skin is frustrating at the best of times, but it can be even worse during the heat of the summer months, when it ruins our make up and makes our faces look greasy even though we’ve just showered. My problem area is my T-Zone (that is the forehead, nose and chin), so when Harley Street’s Laser Treatment Center gave me the opportunity to try out their Marine Fluid Shine-Free moisturiser from their Marine Skin Science range I jumped at the chance! This formula is developed for people with oily, combination skin and acne.

Founder of the Laser Treatment Center and developer of the Marine Skin Science range, Zaheda Hafez, has kindly answered a few questions regarding skin shine and how Marine Fluid Shine-Free works.

Q: What is it that causes some of us to develop shiny skin?
A: Acne consists of larger sebaceous glands that produce excess oil and leads to Oily skin. Unfortunately oily skin looks shiny which only emphasises the problem..

Q: How can Marine Fluid Shine-Free moisturiser help?
A: Marine Fluid Shine Free is an ultra light fluid which easily absorbs into the skin and helps restore balance and oil control without leaving an oily residue. Oily skin should avoid heavy or creamy moisturisers that will block the pores and aggravate the problem.

Q: Is there anything else that we can do to prevent or cure shiny skin?
A: It is very important to cleanse and tone the skin gently each morning and evening, even more so for oily skin. Use the best quality natural products you can afford. A natural toner is essential to keep oily skin under control without effecting the skins pH balance. Deep Sea Cleanse cleanser and Ocean Tone toner from the Marine Skin Science  range are two products that are natural and very effective on oily skin.

Thanks Zaheda! To learn more about Zaheda and her work you can check out her bio at the bottom of this post.

My experience with Laser Treatment Clinic Marine Fluid Shine-Free Moisturiser.

I should start by saying that I do not have acne. I chose Marine Fluid to prevent shine on my T-Zone and stuck to my normal moisturiser and eye cream for my cheeks and eyes as those areas tend to get drier. I’d also like to point out that I love the packaging! A simple, brushed steel effect on the box and quality glass pump for a clean, clinical feel.

I’ve been using this moisturiser for 7 days now so have had a good chance to get a feel for it. I began by washing with my normal cleansing wash and then pumped a squirt of serum in to my hand. The formula is light and very silky and the consistancy is unlike any moisturiser I have tried before. Rubbing it on to my skin felt pleasant. It isn’t at all creamy or gel-like like most moisturisers.

The directions say you should leave it on your skin for a few minutes and let it dry. During those two minutes the formula started to feel sticky and tacky, but this soon passed and I was left with smooth skin that didn’t feel tight or greasy. The serum was fully absorbed and the sticky feeling had gone. Impressive!

This moisturiser acts as a perfect base for primer too! Like many other people with shiny skin, I have large pores and a primer is a daily must! The 3rd picture above shows me wearing primer and BB cream along with a little concealer. It was taken a few hours after applying Marine Fluid Shine-Free. Normally at this point my skin would already have a shine to it. With Marine Fluid moisturiser that doesn’t happen.

Based on my experience I would recommend Marine Fluid Shine-Free as a solution to combat shiny skin. This is so light and gentle on the skin that you don’t even notice it once it’s dried.

Do you have problems with shiny skin? What do you use to stop it? Let me know below!

Bio of Zaheda Hafez:
Zaheda Hafez CIBTAC (Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology UK) is the founder of The Laser Treatment Clinic in Harley Street London. During her time as a Consultant for a renowned cosmetic surgeon at a private clinic in Harley Street London, Zaheda became interested in the innovative scientific developments in laser that were happening at the time and what this could mean for the future of skincare. She found her passion in safe non-invasive solutions to the modern skin concerns of today.
In 2000 Zaheda founded The Laser Treatment Clinic to offer cutting edge non-invasive laser treatments.
Zaheda noted that many of her clients skin concerns were triggered or aggravated by their daily skincare products. Many of these formulas contained cheap, harsh, synthetic ingredients, which is typical of high street skincare brands. Using her experience and practice know-how and working closely with Chemist’s, in 2013 Zaheda launched a naturally active marine and plant based skin care range. The Marine Skin Science range is available exclusively at The Laser Treatment Clinic.You can find more information on treatments and skincare tips for oily acne skin here:

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