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GlossyBox vs. Birchbox: The Ultimate Showdown! (Or, A Very Friendly Comparison)

GlossyBox vs. BirchBox. Showdown. Cosmic Kick

After months of Nerd-Blocking I’ve decided to have a break and try out some beauty subscription boxes.

The idea of paying for samples always seemed wrong to me. A sample should be an incentive to get me to part with my money; not the other way around! On the other hand I do like the idea of monthly surprises arriving on my doorstep.

The big subscription boxes are much more than sample sachets. They’re like the grown up equivalent those lucky dip bags we would get as kids. Except 10 x the price with none of the E numbers and BPA. Fabulous!

Let’s take a look at two of the biggest players on the subscription box market right now shall we? GlossyBox vs. Birchbox!


Beautiful illustration ♥ ! I love this box!

GlossyBox posted a picture of their September box on their Facebook and I knew I had to have one. I love illustrations, skylines AND London. “You will be mine.” I thought, and with a few mouse clicks, it was. Now I just had to wait…

The day finally arrived and I tore open the parcel as soon as it got it inside the house. The box itself is high quality cardboard and will last for ages. In keeping with the ‘painting’ theme, it now houses my water colour paints. The decoration inside wasn’t quite as impressive: Pretty but “meh”. Simple description cards and a nice welcome. I was very impressed with the products though; and that’s far more important, right?

It contained a full sized ‘Gosh Cream Silk Blusher‘, a full sized ‘Model Co – More Brow‘ thickening gel. A ‘L’Oréal Mythic Oil‘, a Full size ‘Nails Inc Matte polish‘, and 3 sachets containing ‘SKIN PEP Brightening Peel and Eye Cream‘.

L’Oréal’s Mythic Oil is by far my favourite product. I usually don’t do too much to my hair; normally just a quick blow dry with my fingers. I grew up in the 90’s, okay. ‘Jagged Little Pill’-era Alanis Morissette is my hair icon. The most we did back was tie it up in a scrunchy and spray glitter on to it, or twist a few of those little hair gem spirals into it. So when I do get around to trying a new hair product I always feel like I’ve warped to the future in a time travelling phone box/Delorean.

This super-lightweight serum is highly effective on my frizzy fly-aways. It might just replace my recently blogged Body Shop Coconut Oil. Just one squirt is enough for my entire head of hair. Use too much though and you are going to look greasy (which is actually in this season; so if that’s your bag dump the lot on!z

Like many things in life, shopping for eyebrow products confuses me. The colours never seem quite right for me. I only want something simple to fill in the gaps and “No thank you, I don’t want my eyebrows threaded on full display in the middle of a shopping centre” (No shade, I just feel like in the middle of a shopping aisle is a weird place to pluck your brows). So when I tried out Model Co’s Eyebrow thickening gel and it matched my hair perfectly, I was delighted! I love this product and it’s now a new staple in my make up bag.

Not normally a fan of Nails Inc, I was hesitant to try their matte polish but it’s actually pretty funky. I tried some on bare nails and they look the same, but smoother. If it’s matte it’s on trend, so this varnish gets a thumbs up from me.

Gosh’s stick blusher was a little too sparkly for my taste. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on the blog, I have large pores and this blusher seems to highlight them. I’d love to try their other colours instead.

I’ve yet to try the Skin Pep sachets. My skin flares up easily and I’ve always been a bit sceptical of anything dermabrasion-y and sachets just drive me mad. When I get round to trying it I’ll update you.

Is GlossyBox Worth It?

Yes, without a doubt. The full sized products in this box amounted to far more than £12.95. The cost is reduced the longer the subscription. With a 1 month subscription at £10 and a 12 month at just £8.50 per month. Not bad. For us compers, GlossyBox also has an extra element of excitement, offering the chance to win a prize. September’s prize was a £100 Karen Millen card and in Octobers box you could win a Paris shopping spree!!


Birchbox surprised me. A few years back I won a Birchbox and although grateful I wasn’t impressed with it. Since then they seem to of upped their game. Each box is themed and has related gifts. September’s theme was “Happy Days”: A brightly decorated box containing 6 sample products packed in a mini wash bag, with a photo holder and lots of happy-themed postcards .

I was thrilled to receive a sample sized Benefit’s ‘Its Potent’ eye cream in my box as I’d wanted to try since it’s release. The formula is light and left my eyes noticeably brighter and softer after just one use. I may just buy the full sized product!

Lip gloss isn’t usually my thing: The stickiness makes me feel icky and pulling hair from my lips is no fun. The Model Co lip gloss included was soft and didn’t leave my lips feeling gloopy. It lasted a few hours too. A product I would definitely buy in the future.

The free Beauty Blender was the main reason I was drawn to Birchbox. People have been vlogging and blogging about this item for ages. I haven’t worn foundation in a few weeks so I can’t give you a verdict on it at this time. Once I’ve tested out the Beauty Blender I’ll update this post.

I wasn’t expecting to snack on my Birchbox but that’s exactly what happened when I chomped down these disgusting looking Urban Fruit Perfect Pineapple pieces. Dispute their appearance, they are delicious and were enjoyed by both myself and my partner who almost ate the lot!

Is BirchBox Worth It?

BirchBox is a lot of fun. It’s bright and contains inspiring extras. It costs £12.95 including postage and packaging or if you use this promo voucher code you can get £5 off. Just enter VC5OFF at the check out.

Which is better? GlossyBox vs. BirchBox?

GlossyBox feels more mature in it’s presentation and has more full sized products and a slightly sturdier box (Sturdiness matters. I’m a hoarder. I need study boxes to store my precious loot!). Birchbox is themed and contains more than just make up. They both offer excellent value for money. The Birchbox experience a lot of fun and for that reason I’ll stay subscribed for a while longer. GlossyBox gives you more bang for your buck as it has more full sized products. For that reason I will stay subscribed for a while longer. If I really had to choose just one though, based on Septembers boxes contents I would go with GlossyBox.

Both and are fun to use too. They both offer social areas, reviews, incentives and surveys. Both also tailor your box to your need, so not everyone receives the same products.

What is your favourite subscription box? Which box would you like to see reviewed next? Let me know I might just review it next month.

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