Kelly Brook Audition Perfume: A Vintage Fragrance at a Vintage Price.

Smelling good is always a must, but there are days when spritzing my favourite expensive perfume seems like a waste of money. You know the kind of days I’m talking about. Lazy days around the house. Popping to the local shop. These are the kinds of days when a good quality, lower priced perfume would do the trick, but so many lower priced perfumes just don’t cut it. They fade quickly and sometimes smell cheap. But we want to smell glam all of the time, right ladies?!

Back in 2014 Kelly Brook released her signature scent, Audition. A perfume described as “sexy, timeless, glamorous, honest and confident”, Kelly was involved in every step of the creation and each keynote has a special significance to her.

Kelly Brook Audition review.

Top Notes: Juicy Bergamot, Melon, Dew Fruit, Wisteria and Water Apple.
Heart Notes: Iris, Heliotropine, Patchouli.
Bottom Notes: Sweet Vanilla, Amber, Benzoin and Musks.


I’m in love with the Art Deco era, so anything styled as such is sure to be a hit with me. I like the simple design of the box – classic black and rose gold with Kellys name embossed on to it – and a simple vintage style glass bottle, reminiscent of something you might of seen sitting on your Nan’s dressing table.


Do you remember Benefit’s Maybe Baby? Kelly Brook Audition is similar to that only more fruity, and this really is one sweet smelling perfume, but luckily (luckily for me at least as I normally don’t like sweet perfumes) the sweetness is toned down by the underlying musks. I only need one or two spritzes as it becomes a little overpowering for me, and the scent lasts for around 6 to 8 hours which is standard for a good quality perfume.

Kelly Brook Audition smells old-timey, but the fruity top notes bring it right up to date and makes it a perfect summer scent. I’ve been wearing it for a week now and I’ve had positive comments from people, including my perfume-picky partner!

Should you try Audition by Kelly Brook?

If you are looking for an inexpensive fragrance that lasts then Kelly Brook Audition is a great option and is hugely affordable at just £11.00 for the 50ml bottle on Amazon! You can expect a mature but playful fragrance with a fresh twist.

Have you tried Kelly Brook Audition? Let me know your favourite budget fragrance below!


* PR sample.

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