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Being the bearer of big boobs can come with its fair share of problems; Back pain (they’re just so heavy!), button-up shirts (need I say more?) and bad bras to name but a few. Us larger ladies need support, we want style and choice, but we don’t always want to splurge big money on specialist brands. Thankfully the fashion industry has changed a lot over the last decade and big boobs can now supported and dressed-up just as nicely and at the same prices as their small and medium sized sisters. Woo!

Brands like Freya, Fantasie and Elomi all offer DD+ cup sizes and larger back sizes these days meaning the hunt for a well fitted bra is a lot easier. Perfect!

The Goddess Kayla Bra from Lingerie by Victoria


You’ll find the above brands and more at online retailer Lingerie by Victoria who specialise in plus size lingerie and swimwear. The lovely folks at Lingerie by Victoria sent me a bra from plus size lingerie brand Goddess to try out. The Kayla in Kitty to be precise – A black and white animal print with a deep purple satin trim. I’d never tried Goddess before. In fact I’d got myself in to a bit of a bra rut over the past year or so, staying in my ‘bra safe space’ and only ever buying my go-to black bra from M&S that I know fits me well, so it was nice to wear something with some colour for a change!

I wouldn’t normally pick out a bra with a full cup. I’d go for something an inch or two lower cut. But I’m starting to think this might be where I’ve been going wrong all of these years. You see, I have a spillage problem with a lot of bras, even when properly fitted I’ll often have a tiny bit of over-spill after moving around for a while (or as my partner calls it “fourbs”… as in four-boobs). Not with the Goddess Kayla though. That extra inch or so or sheer fabric makes a world of difference, holding everything in place no matter how much jiggling is going on underneath.

The Goddess Kayla looks good too! Full cup bras can sometimes look frumpy. The Kayla however comes in lots of different styles (Lingerie by Victoria has a gorgeous purple animal print on offer at the moment. She will be mine!). Thanks to it’s smooth finish, the Kayla isn’t easily visible through clothes and went undetected underneath my t-shirts.

Most important of all though is that I feel fully supported in this bra. The thick band means no awkward material gathers under my arms or around my back, and strong straps help to support the weight which in turn helps with posture.

I’m really impressed with the Kayla and think that all big-boobed girls need to try out this bra for themselves. If you’re looking for a stylish and supportive everyday bra then look no further.

The Goddess Kayla bra in Kitty costs £36 with other designs starting at £18.


KAYLA-KITTY-BLACK-BANDED-Lingerie By victoria Cosmic Kick

Where do you prefer to shop for undies? What do you think of the Goddess Kayla range? Let me know below. Thanks for reading!

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