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Must-Try Skin Perfecting Products!

Guys, something amazing has happened! Somehow, I have managed to stumble upon four amazing skincare products in just one month! My temperamental, sensitive skin doesn’t usually react so well to that many products in a year. I just had to share these products with you!

You know how most people have a “crap drawer”? Somewhere to chuck your change, random drill bits, Christmas cracker toys etc. Well my (rather large) bathroom cupboard had become a giant crap drawer, but instead of bits and bobs, it was filled with broken beauty electronic’s, hundreds (no, really!) of sample sachets and sanitary products, and almost-empty bottles of shampoo. I knew I had a serious beauty hoarding problem when I started finding eyeshadow’s and lipstick’s that were over ten years old. I haven’t even lived in this house for ten years. In fact, I haven’t even lived in Wales for ten years! It was time for a clean out.

Once I’d thrown out all products over 24 months old I was left with a more manageable sized wad of sachets, amongst which was a sample of Body Shop’s Vitamin C Microdermabrasion face scrub, and Garnier’s BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector. I’m so glad I found them. These two products have changed my beauty regime and left my skin looking and feeling so silky soft!

Body Shop’s Vitamin C Microdermabrasion is a face scrub that contains super tiny scrubby bits (probably not the scientific name for them) that buff away the skin baddies and left my skin bright and glowing. My skin is sensitive and prone to tightening, redness, dryness, dullness, and most products I use either cause flare up’s or tip my off balance completely and cause an over production of sebum, and we know what that means. The dreaded shine! This scrub when used gently once or twice a week has been helping to keep my skin in a good state of balance and I’ve had no flare-up’s since I bought it!

I’m so impressed with the effect that Garnier’s BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector has on my skin that it has replaced my foundations entirely! Although this product doesn’t cover as well as a foundation will, it does add life to dull looking skin and leaves my face velvety soft. I still have to use concealer to cover more problem areas such as under my eyes and on blemishes, and I use MAC’s mineral face powder to set it. I’m so happy to have finally found a decent base for my temperamental skin.

I mentioned in February that I had fallen in love with Origins Ginzing Eye Cream, and while I still think it’s an amazing product for brightening the under eye, I may of found something a little more effective for my under eye puffiness. Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash is the most quite possibly the most impressive eye product I have ever used. It brightened my under eye immediately, I felt a very gentle lifting effect after applying and it left my under eye velvety soft!

When you purchase from the Clarins website you get to choose a few samples. One of my choices was the amazing, moisturising, shine controlling lotion for combination skin, Truly Matte Hydra-Matte Lotion. I feel as though this product was tailored for my needs. It is the perfect pre-primer moisturiser, never feeling tacky or slippery. Just super smooth. If you have combination skin and have trouble with moisturisers or foundations appearing shiny or flaky, I advise trying this as it seems to balance these problems out. It’s not often a product makes me “wow” out loud. Applying this lotion for the first time was one of those moments.

Which skin care products are you crazy about? Let me know below!

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