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Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum – Part 1

bottle of nanogenhair growth serum

Since embarking on a mission to thicken my locks and restore them to their pre-PCOS glory, a number of brands have been kind enough to send me samples of their hair-thickening products to tell you about. Most of these products have succeeded in giving the illusion of thicker hair or faster growth of already existing hair, but so far none have managed to sprout shiny new strands of hair.

The product I’ll be talking about today is from hair thinning specialists Nanogen (you remember them? I spoke about their awesome shampoo and conditioner last week in this review) and it’s a little bit special. Nanogen’s Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum contains the highest level of growth factors available without consultation. Sounds great, right? But just what exactly is a growth factor?

Growth factors are a group of proteins known to stimulate growth of certain tissues. In this case, hair follicles. Okay, you’ve got attention, Nanogen. Time to start applying this liquid magic.

Application is easy thanks to the measured glass dropper. Just measure 1ml of the serum and drop at random on to a dry scalp. I’ve been doing this daily and have high hopes. Keep an eye out for my results in a few weeks time.

For further reading; I spoke more about my hair loss story over here.

Got any tips for hair loss? Want to share your hair thinning story? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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