Nourkrin Woman Final Update

Before reading my final update, be sure to check out parts one and two of my Nourkrin journey.

I’ve been trialing Nourkrin Woman for the past 5 months to find out if the popular hair growth supplement can help with PCOS related hair loss, and the time has finally come to find out how I got on!


As much as I’d love to tell you I’ve sprouted an Adele-sized bouffant (that girl has some serious volume!), in reality there hasn’t been any noticeable change to the thickness of my hair since my last update. I’m still experiencing better condition overall (remember how I told you that the individual strands were feeling thicker?), faster hair-growth and super-strong nails (seriously, I keep stabbing myself with them. Ouch!) but those new hairs are still nowhere to be seen. However, I still have another month of Nourkrin Woman left, and as mentioned in an earlier post the website and instructions advise that re-growth should start to peak after 6 months of usage, so if I notice any difference in the next month or so I’ll be sure to update you guys.

If you’re goal is to speed up hair growth, based on my experience I’d say go for it!


Am I disheartened with the results? Not at all! I’m happy with the changes I have experienced so far. PCOS is such a complicated condition that there isn’t a one size fits all cure for the symptoms. I’ve read through countless PCOS message boards for reviews of Nourkrin Woman and opinions are as varied as the treatments for PCOS itself. My next step is to work on lightening my hair to make my scalp less visible and to hide those wiry grey’s. [EDIT: Weeks after this, I actually died my hair darker which helped give a thicker appearance. Using a root touch up can help hide the scalp too. Check out my experience here!).


Try Nourkrin Woman for yourself!


Thanks to everyone who followed my Nourkrin Woman journey. Have you ever tried Nourkrin or maybe you have some tips for women with PCOS related hairloss? If so leave your comments below.

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