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Philips Lumea Precision SC2006/11 Review: PCOS Sufferer Weighs In

Philips Lumea Precision Plus SC2006/11 Review

When I spotted the Philips Lumea Precision Plus in Amazon’s Black Friday sale, I knew I had to snap it up. I’d been wanting to try an IPL device ever since I’d been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). It’s a condition that can wreak havoc on your hormones causing all kinds of nasty symptoms.

Of all the changes PCOS has made to my body, Hirsuteness – unwanted excess body hair – is my least favourite (that, and ironically hairloss). My body hair is darker, thicker and grows back faster than ever before. It’s so depressing!

I’d read great things about the IPL and the Philips Lumea Precision Plus was getting great reviews, but hadn’t seen many people talking about whether it helps PCOS related Hirsutism. So I snapped up the Lumea while it was on sale and here I am; about to give you lovely hairy folks the low-down.

Philips Lumea Precision SC2006/11 Review

Philips Lumea Precision SC2006/11 Review

How does the Phillips Lumea work

The Phillips Lumea uses IPL (Intense Light Pulses) to zap the hairs with an intense flash of light which over time causes causes the root of the hair to “die”, meaning less shaving and waxing. In some cases IPL can completely remove hair forever! It’s a huge claim, and one that many of us – me included – find too good to be true.

Each treatment must be done two weeks apart to prevent skin irritation.

Note: The Lumea will only work on certain skin and hair colours. Please read the guide lines first.

Product design

The device comes with two attachments: One for the body and one for sensitive areas like the underarms and upper lip.

These attachments pop on and off easily with barely any effort. It would be difficult to break them as it’s not at all fiddly.

In the picture above you’ll see the attachment has a ridge around the edge. This is part of the safety system that ensures that the flash will only go off if it’s pressed firmly on the skin.

The Lumea is completely wireless which is great for awkward areas. The ‘laser gun’ shape of the unit isn’t too heavy so your arms wont get tired.

The flash button is located in just the right place to zap hairs so no scrambling to find the trigger.

It’s a well designed product that feels like good quality in your hand, and it’s quiet compared to some other beauty gadgets I’ve owned.

Does the Philips Lumea Precision SC2006/11 hurt?

There are five settings to choose from. Being brave – and accounting for the fact my hairs are dark – I started on level 4 for my face and 5 for my arms.

I expected IPL to be painful but honestly, I felt nothing on my arms. It really shocked me how easy it was to use. I had a few pinching/needle sensations on one or two spots on my chin. It seems that the thicker the hair, the more painful the zap! The pain was over in a flash (…sorry) and didn’t linger.

The needle prick sensation was followed by warmth and left me with a small amount of redness. This is all normal and calmed down within a few hours.

So, is IPL painful? Compared to waxing or epilating, heck no! It just feels a little strange when you don’t know what to expect.

Does the Philips Lumea Precision SC2006/11 work?

Just four days later I could see some changes in regrowth. Most surprising to me was that a my chin hairs had been bleached pure white! They felt the same to touch, but the colour had changed from black to white: Weird! This in itself was a good result.

The difficult thing about IPL is that you mustn’t wax or pluck hairs between treatments. Shaving the hairs is the only option. Shaving your face is not ideal for any woman, but we have to keep in mind that this is only temporary as the hairs should begin shedding within the first few treatments.

Within 2 sessions across a month I could see a massive difference. My arm hairs started growing back slower after just one use. Normally I’d shave every 3 days, now I can go for over a week.

I can’t wait to start zapping my legs in time for summer!

IPL definitely works for me, but how well it works for you is dependent on a couple of factors: Skin tone, hair colour and how whether you keep up treatments.

I honestly love using the Lumea. The fact it looks like a Star Trek phaser is a bonus!

There’s a newer version of the Phillips Lumea out now!

If you have any questions let me know below, or send me an email via my contact page and I’ll get back to you. PCOS fighters, leave your fuzz-free tips below!

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