Review: Revlon ColorStay Foundation – Normal / Dry Skin (110 Ivory)

The hunt for the perfect foundation can be a life long mission. In recent years though it’s getting easier to find your perfect colour match. 

By the time I found my perfect base, I’d been wearing foundation for 12 years. My first attempts were truly awful. There was the time my friend and I bought a nasty foundation from a seaside market when we were on holiday. It was the most orange liquid I’d ever seen but for some reason I thought it would be great to wear it to school. Other attempts came mainly from free sachets in teen magazines, which never contained enough product and would end up haphazardly smeared around my face.

12 years and a lot of wasted cash later I’ve finally found a foundation that fits my skin. It’s no secret; this product is so popular.

Revlon ColorStay Foundation Review

The Promise

  • This oil-free, moisture-balanced formula gives you flawless looking skin.
  • Medium to full coverage:
  • Patented SoftFlex provides lightweight comfort, so you feel like you’re not wearing makeup.
  • Stay Flawless all Day.


The shade

Revlon ColourStay foundation comes in 35 shades across two skin-type options.Normal/dry skin and Oily/combination skin.

I have awkward, inbetween skin so tried both options. Without a doubt, the ‘normal/dry’ formula works best on my skin, but trying to find all 35 shades in my local store can be a challange.

I always opt for 110 Ivory. It’s a little pale, but during summer months I’ll warm it up using a teeny speck of BB Cream.

I chose 110 Ivory after Benefit discontinued their Jax Playstix (why guys!). It’s the closest match I could find.


The coverage

ColorStay has a medium coverage that is easily buildable without looking heavy thanks to it’s oil-free formula. I suffer badly with open pores on my cheeks and it never looks clumpy or dotty. My favourite primer, Smashbox Photo Finish can take some of the credit for this though.

The consistency is light and blends nicely. I use Urban Decay’s amazing Optical Blurring Brush to buff it in any awkward spots. Very natural; great coverage.


The Finish

I love a natural finish and ColorStay provides just that. I’m so happy with the finish of the dry/normal Revlon ColorStay. As mentioned above, my skin is an awkward type of combination. This could be down to hormonal issues due to PCOS, but whatever the reason, it’s frustrating!

I used to buy products aimed at oily skin in the hope this would balance me out, but they’d always dry my skin out and look powdery. This time I chose the foundation aimed at normal/dry skin, and I’m amazed by the results. No flakiness, no visible pores, and thanks to Colourstay’s oil free formula, no shiny patches either.


Is Revlon ColorStay longlasting?

Providing you get your base right (i.e – oil free moisturiser, good primer, etc) this baby wont budge. I used to wear it whilst working retail and it lasted all day.



I’ve been buying Revlon ColorStay for over 7 years now so it’s safe to say it’s a staple in my makeup bag. Now and then I’ll stray from this foundation but I’ve regretted it every time.

It’s America’s number 1 foundation for a reason. At this price (£12.99 with Free Delivery from Superdrug) you’re unlikely to find a product that works so hard. It definitely delivers on all of it’s promises.


Get it cheaper at Amazon! Free delivery.


Do you have a staple foundation? Let everyone know about it below 🙂

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