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How to Stay Sane in Miserable Weather with Damart

It’s the same every year. The slightest hint of a snowflake and the Great British public loses their minds. *Bleep* “THE BEAST FROM THE EAST IS COMING!” my Google alerts inform me. I open up Facebook to a collective freak-out :”SNOW. WILL. KILL. US. ALL!!!” style warnings plastered all over my feed.   

“Could it be? Could we finally be getting a real snow storm in Liverpool?” I wonder… but no; of course we won’t. We never do. For the most part, snow skips Liverpool and hits other cities and towns. But blimey, when this city gets cold, it’s bitter cold!  

The Beast From The East has been and gone, but now the media is warning us about a “Savage Siberian Storm” that will unleash “Freezing Hell!” On the UK. [Actual words used in a news report I just read]. Just for once, let’s ignore the doomsday headlines and use our common sense instead. For most of us in the UK, everything’s going to be fine 

That being said; being cold and snowed in can quickly cause cabin fever, and for those prone to stress or low mood, the cold snaps can make everything feel 100x harder.  

So forget stock piling milk and bread. Here’s what’s really gonna get you through the tough times:  


Arts and crafts

If you have a hobby, great! And no, browsing your phone for hours on end doesn’t count. You want to make sure you fit in some screenless activities here. Grab your knitting needles and go to town on that pattern you’ve been putting off for months. Or find your paint brushes and try painting the winter scene outside your window. The bleak weather also serves as angst fuel needed to write that death metal album you’ve always said you’re going to write… what?… Just me? Okay then, moving on…


Cozy Pyjamas

Once the chores are done, don’t sit around the house in jeans. Dig out your softest bed socks and snuggliest pyjamas. The more fluffy, the better.

The lovely folks over at Damart sent me one of their gorgeous Textured Floral Gowns to try out, and honestly, it’s the softest clothing item I’ve ever owned!  

I’ve been trying to avoid adding more floral’s to my wardrobe. There was a time when my entire wardrobe was floral prints from top to bottom. But I made an exception for this luxurious pale grey robe, which features a textured pattern that’s muted and calming.  

The gown is warm and lightweight, making it easy to pop in the wash and it should dry quickly. My favourite thing about the robe is that the sleeves are fitted properly. Every gown I’ve ever owned has had huge wide open wrists that flop around. These are nice and neat, and keep you warmer.

Damart has a massive range of nighties, pajamas and robes over on their website. They have a 65 year history and support many charities including Breast Cancer Now and Heart Research UK. So go check them and see what they’ve got to keep you warm. 





Exercise Apps

No one wants to go for a run in torrential rain. This is where exercise apps can help. There’s no need to even leave the living room! My all time favourite fitness app is 8fit, which features helpful alerts and cues so you can stay in the zone and don’t have to keep looking down at your phone.


Vitamin supplements 

A few years back, health authorities stated that everyone in the UK should consider taking a vitamin D supplement, especially during winter weather, and although we’re well in to March right now, we’re still getting the wintry weather. Low levels of vitamin D can lead to all sorts of illnesses, from depression to cardio-vascular disease. So it’s worth finding out if you should top up!


How do you stay sane during the bad weather? Let me know your tips below!


**This post features a sample provided by Damart in exchange for an honest review.


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