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TREsemmé Platinum Strength Monodose Review.

A few days ago I wrote a blog post all about my first BzzCampaign experience with TREsemmé’s Platinum Strength. Well, the results of the first application are in!

Just like last time, I left my hair to dry naturally – no blow drying and no straightening. As you can see in the first photo, my hair was dull. So, did Monodose make a difference?

The Science

TREsemmé’s new Platinum Strength range contains a formula they call “Renewing Complex™” – their new secret weapon which helps to reverse damage to the hair’s outer layer. Undamaged hair has a lipid known as 18-MEA that’s removed over time as hair is damaged, leaving hair feeling coarse to the touch. TRESemmé’s salon-quality formula replicates this lipid, restoring a smooth, healthy finish to your tresses. Sounds promising, right?

The Cleansing

The information that came with my BzzKit says that Monodose works best when used with the shampoo and conditioner from the same range. So I popped out to Tesco, grabbed one of each and got down to business.

I instantly liked the shampoo. It quickly builds in to a thick lather that you can really work in to your hair. Some shampoos I have tried over the past couple of years don’t lather well at all. I’ve tried a lot of shampoos from different price ranges and not many have lathered like this one does. Not too much, but enough to make my hair feel clean from root to tip without using half a bottle.

The consistency of the conditioner was spot on. Not too thick, not runny. Both products have a very gentle fragrance which is nice. If you are planning on using shampoo, conditioner, treatment, heat product, styling product, serum and hair spray, you want as few different scents as possible, otherwise you could end up smelling like an alcoholic pick’n’mix! After leaving on for 3 minutes and washing out thoroughly, my damp hair was feeling more fortified and I was already sold on the range.

Finally it was time to add the finishing touch. Starting at my crazy bushy ends and working up to the mid lengths of my hair, I rubbed the thick Monodose in to my hair. This product has good consistency and doesn’t drip everywhere while you’re waiting for it to work it’s magic, which according to the tube was in 1 minute. The fragrance is a bit stronger than the shampoo and conditioner but smells nice and fresh.

The conclusion

I’ve used TREsemmé’s Platinum Strength Monodose just once and found my hair to be so much more manageable. I can run my fingers through it without catching and tangling. Although the split ends are still slightly bushy and my hair is still somewhat fly away, there is a noticeable difference in how it looks. My partner likes it too and has commented on how soft and shiny it looks. Based on my experience I will be recommending it to family and friends, and it is definitely my new budget go-to hair rescue product.

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