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Getting Crafty – My First Cross Stitch.

I’ve always admired geek-craft in all of it’s many forms, and I’ve always loved Star Trek: the Next Generation. So what better place to start my journey into the fun world of needle work than here, with this cute mini Star Trek cross stitch pattern by Black-Lupin over on Deviant Art. I have messed up a little here and there, but considering its a first attempt I’m feeling proud of my efforts! When this is finished it’s going up in my hallway which will from then on by a shrine to all things geek-craft!

So far I’m finding cross stitching enjoyable. It’s very easy to learn and you can get lost in it for hours. However, it is time consuming. It’s seems to take hours to get one small pattern completed. Maybe I’ll become a faster stitcher in time. I’ll be sure to post the finished product here once it’s completed!

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