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Small Space Living: Downsizing as a Couple.

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I’m in a weird kind-of living-space limbo at the moment. I mentioned in a guest post recently that I’ve been having a lifestyle overhaul and that I’m planning to go travelling within the next year or so. Part of this journey involved downsizing from a 3 bedroom house to a couple of backpacks. Thankfully the hard part is over. As it turns out, parting with the mountain of stuff I’d built up over the past decade and a half was pretty liberating (albeit initially harrowing: “My precious stuff!”), but the most painful part has been giving up my superking bed. Oh how I miss you big-beddykins. She was so big that the boyf and I were able to spread our arms and legs right out without touching. Ahh, good times. These days, boyf sleeps on a surprisingly comfortable air bed while I’m on a single in my in-laws-to-be’s spare room. It’s comfortable and a perfect short term solution while we look for a studio flat or house share, but I do miss the snuggles. So in keeping with our newly-found minimalist ethic we’ve decided that a sofa bed would be the best choice in our next accommodation.

I believe it’s important to give your rented home a personal touch, no matter how short the tenancy will be and I’ve already been planning the décor of our next place. I’m planning a multi-purpose room – bed/living room and office – that feels modern, earthy with a hint of romance. Somewhere we can snuggle and chill that can also be light and airy when needed.


Purple is said to the the colour of passion, deep thoughts and luxury, so what better colour for the place you sleep. The Oslo sofabed from Fishpools (from £1109) comes in two sizes and has the added option of a pocket sprung mattress.

During the day time I like my bedding out of sight. The less I’m reminded of snoozing the better. I love the Blyth Storage Side Table from Habitat (£65). This multi-use piece can be a side table, coffee table (is it just me or does it kinda look like a giant cup of coffee?), bedside cabinet and during the day all of that comfy bedding can be hidden away inside.


I chose a copper finish for most of the accessories in this look as it gives a nice warm vibe to a room. Copper is said to be the metal associated with Venus; Goddess of luuurve. Perfect for what I’m trying to achieve here.

The Vita Copper lampshade from Dowsing and Reynolds (£79) is cut in to the shape of leaves or petals and emits a warm diffused light.

An uplifting Copper foil quote wall print from LittlePrintDesign on Etsy (£18.21): “There are always flowers for those who want to see them”.

This beautifully illustrated Painted hare cushion from Next (£14).

The Karlsson Button Alarm Clock – Copper From Red Candy (£15)

Curtains can play a major role in a small space. Use them to block light, create light, divide a room in to zones or to hide unsightly mess such as an open wardrobe or kitchenette. The Cotopaxi Linen Curtain from Urbanara (£35) would be great for the windows and allows summer light to flood in while giving privacy during the day time.

This Pastel Geomet Rug from Benuta (£34.95) keeps the overall look modern whilst pulling together colours from other areas of the room.

The woody fragrance of a Cedarwood and Violet Scented Candle from Laura Ashley (£8) will contribute to that earthy vibe I was talking about earlier.

Another fun and modern piece is the Umbra Anigram Copper Bunny Ring Holder from Red Candy (£8.50). Ornaments that double as practical objects are a great way to show your personality without ending up with too much “stuff” – exactly what I’m trying to avoid.

It’s easy to lose items when you live in a tiny space, what with all of the bumping in to things. Lidded storage is a must. The Casa Couture Marble & Copper trinket box from House of Fraser (£17.50) is perfect for the job.

Fishpools has a huge range of sofas, chairs and sofa beds. Check them out over here.

Do you have any tips for small space living? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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