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“Ugh!” I heard Mr Kick huff in the kitchen “Not again”. Without getting out of my seat, I knew the awful truth: The kettle had died. How did I know? Because it’s happened 3 times in 18 months! I know the sound of tea-less disappointment well.

Maybe we have cursed electrics. Maybe the water’s too hard in this area. Maybe we drink too much tea (most likely). I don’t know why our kettles keep giving out, but what I do know is that I’m never buying an expensive kettle again!

Our last kettle was a chic, expensive high-end brand number that looked nice, but over time I grew to resent it. I’d wait as it boiled it’s not-so-chic, super-average boil and think, “Sure, you’re pretty, but you’re not £80 pretty!” Maybe it knew what I was thinking and it gave up out of spite?…

So, when shopping for a new one I decided to never again spend more than £20, and set about hunting down the best budget kettle I could find.

After a few days of obsessive electric kettle shopping (why are there so many 😩) I was left with the choice of; “fugly-off-white-plastic” kettle, “chunky-postbox-red-and-doesn’t-match-my-kitchen” kettle, or “Amazon-brand-I’d-never-heard-of-but-looks-quite-sexy-for-the-price” kettle.

I like to live on the edge, so I threw caution to the wind and chose the latter. Here are my thoughts:


Brewberry: Best Budget Kettle Review | Because Tea is Life | Cosmic Kick Lifestyle Blog UK

Brewberry: Best Budget Kettle Review

The Brewberry Kettle Design

The Brewberry is dispatched in plain, minimal, eco-friendly packaging. I love this and wish more brands with do away with their bright, messy packaging. Who wants to be lumbered with a boat load of plastic and polystyrene?

Just 5.5 inches in width, the kettle sits neatly on top of its base. Its cord can be wound up and stored in the base.

Although small, the Brewberry can hold plenty of water. 1.7 litres to be exact. (Side not: On the Amazon page, it’s stated that it can also be used to boil soup; do people actually boil soup in their kettles?).

My favourite design aspect of this kettle is the spout which pours steadily. Meaning I end up with less water on my worktops, and no frustrating drips.

It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver with a large, easy to thumb button to lift the lid and a totally heat proof handle, and as it’s made of stainless steel there’s no need to worry about plastics.

Overall, the design is modern and stylish. Definitely the most stylish kettle I found at this price.


The Brewberry Kettle Boil

This kettle is the fastest boiling kettle I’ve owned. The last cuppa I made took just 1:03 minutes. The payoff is that it’s quite noisy, but I don’t mind this as I’d trade speed over noise. I want my tea and I want it now!

Flipping the “on” switch lights it up blue (the switch, not the entire kettle), and to ensure you don’t set the house on fire, there’s a useful dry-boil prevention feature.


The Price

This budget kettle is an absolute bargain at just £18.99 with free delivery, including the option of Prime if you’re a member. If not, you can grab a free 30 day trial here. (Trials include Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video and tons of eBooks with Prime Reading).

The Brewberry electric kettle comes with a 2 year warranty. Fingers crossed, I wont need to use it!


Conclusion: Is this the best budget kettle?

If you’re looking for the best budget kettle, the Brewberry is a great choice. It’s a noisy kettle that makes up for it by boiling fast, looking like it cost double or even triple the price, and buying one wont break the bank.

Buy yours here, and don’t forget about that free Prime trial above for next day delivery!


I’d love to hear your thoughts. Should I slow down my tea consumption? Can too much tea kill you?! Let me know below.


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Brewberry: Best Budget Kettle Review | Because Tea is Life | Cosmic Kick Lifestyle Blg UK



Brewberry: Best Budget Kettle Review | Because Tea is Life | Cosmic Kick Lifestyle Blg UK


Brewberry: Best Budget Kettle Review | Because Tea is Life | Cosmic Kick Lifestyle Blog UK

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