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Expressing Yourself Through Stationery

It’s National Stationery Week and the festivities are in full swing. As I type this, the London Stationery Show is just wrapping up. The annual exhibition hosts all of your favourite high street stationery, office and art brands as well as smaller online names. Oh, how I wish I’d known it was a thing before now. I’d of snapped tickets up faster than you can say Paperchase.

Like many stationery nerds, my obsession started in primary school. The best thing about going back to school after the holidays was knowing it meant I’d get fresh new books, pencil cases and pens.

Every weekend my Nan and Granddad would take me to town and I’d spend ages strolling around Stationery Box (RIP that wonderful shop) eyeing up the bright 80s and 90s patterned folders and books and picking out the pieces that spoke to me most. I’d take home my new stash and use it to express myself through poems, stories and diary entries.

Now we’re all grown up’s, we can stock up on stationery whenever we feel like it. In fact maybe some of us could do with curbing it a little… Not this week though; the stationery diet can wait.

kate spade notebook gold polka dot


Express Yourself

Just because we’re sensible adults now, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with our stationery. In fact, it’s the fastest way to brighten up a boring office space. A good pen can make monotonous work seem 100% more enjoyable (scientifically proven fact…maybe).

One of my favourite designers for creating a sense of fun in the office is Kate Spade. Her bold, block coloured stationery range is super-chic and emblazoned with tongue-in-cheek quotes.

I’m head-over-heels in love with her flamingo pink pencil case. The gold font reads “If I had to live my life again, I’d make all the same mistakes, only sooner”. A quote from early Hollywood actress and outspoken libertine Tallulah Bankhead. A great little reminder to say “Screw it. I love myself and my life!” when the work day gets tough.

pencil case kate spade

kate spade journal

If you struggle to remember to keep a journal, the Kate Spade “Penny for your thoughts” notebook is perfect as the quote works as a literal reminder to get your thoughts down on paper. It’s the first notebook I’ve seen with multiple ribbons too. SO useful for separating topics.


Cult German stationery brand, Worther, design fun but grown-up pens and pencils that are big among artists and craftsmen and women. Their quirky hexagonal shorty pens are just small enough to pop in your pocket.

worther-shorty-pen cosmic kick

All of these tools are gorgeous, but they’re not as important as the job itself. Studies on writing have shown time and time again that the act of putting pen to paper has huge psychological benefits. Writing can help alleviate stress, symptoms of anxiety and depression. It helps your brain to learn faster and can even help with age related cognitive issues.

So this week try stepping away from the keyboard, put down your phone and pull out your favourite stationery (or treat yourself to some new pieces) and get writing. Who knows what ideas you’ll come up with!


Many thanks to Pen Haven and Amara for sending these gorgeous PR Samples my way.

Expressing yourself through stationery. Kate spade pencil case and pencil, eraser, ruler, sharpener set. Cosmic kick.




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