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Stick to Stigu: The stress free planner


2016 is almost here and for stationery and planner addicts everywhere this is a time to party! Why? Because fresh new planners to scrawl over, that’s why! Time to pull out the pencil case and reorganise life with colourful tool-kits of post-its, highlighters and paper-clips.

Many of us organisation freaks have multiple planners, apps and note pads around the house. During 2015 for instance I’ve used a work planner, a to-do list app, to-do list pad, motivational quotes on post it’s, a ‘feelings’ journal, and a regular journal, a gratitude journal, and that’s just what I can remember off the top of my head.

Where do we draw the line when planning? Maybe us freaks really can have too many note books. Well Stick to Stigu aims to help by condensing all of your GSD (that’s get s**t done) systems in to one handy planner.

Who is Stigu?

Stigu is a funny looking androgynous figure who, along with it’s pet cat, sits in the corners of each page of your new planner. Throughout the year it offers up healthy advice on how to stay sane whilst juggling life. Not just the usual pseudo-motivational mumbo jumbo either (although I do love me some motivational mumbo jumbo). Stigu understands that you are human and you need balance so gives tips on how to plan hard, play hard and rest hard.




Stick to Stigu 2016 Planner Review

Stick to Stigu is a soft-cover, spiral-bound week-to-view planner, organiser, desk calender, notebook, to-do pad and rest and zest handbook. Each month is themed differently and every week Stigu offers new tips on how to master that months theme. So, for example February’s theme is Writing (sure to be a blogger fav). It’s easy to remember the theme as it’s printed in the top left corner of every week. The bottom left of the week is where you’ll find your writing tips, and the upper right is where you’ll find a quote pertaining to the writing theme – in fact Stick to Stigu is serious quote porn. Dotted throughout the weeks you’ll find the odd extra tit-bit of advice, and you’ve probably noticed the big blank spaces on the left hand side; that’s where you’re to-do list goes, or your sticky notes, or doodles of 90s band logos, or whatever you want to scribble down.

The result of all of the above is a life coach style workbook/weekly planner that manages to squeeze in so much without feeling like hardwork. The muted colours and the almost stick figure-like Stigu offer just enough guidance without being too overwhelming or preachy. It’s early days but I can see myself getting along with Stigu like a house on fire!


If you like the look of the Stick to Stigu 2016 planner you’ll be happy to know they have a launch offer over on right now. You’ll get 30% off your first order when you sign up to their newsletter or if you’d like to treat friends or family they have a 3 for 2 offer too.

What do you think of Stick to Stigu? Do you have any start-of-year planner tips? Let me know below.

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