Create Kitchen Work Space: OXO Good Grips Foldaway Dish Rack

OXO Good Grips Foldaway Dish Rack

Here’s something a little bit different for Cosmic Kick. I’d seen one or two OXO products in stores and even bought some items Amazon, but I had no idea how extensive their range is until I had a look at their website. It’s organisation-freak heaven!

OXO asked me if I’d like to show you an item from their storage range, so I chose this nifty, space saving OXO Good Grips Foldaway Dish Rack to review. The draining board in my kitchen has warped slightly and instead of draining water back in the sink, it pools up and gets everywhere! This rack has a nifty draining spout, preventing water from pooling or running on to your worktops. In fact you don’t even need a draining board at all as the rack is self contained. If you are short of space in your kitchen this would be a perfect solution.

The best – and most obvious – feature is that once you have finished doing the dishes, you can fold it away. The whole rack is collapsible and folds in to a neat oblong shape making storage easy. Out of sight, out of mind. After all who wants to be reminded of washing up, ever?

Pop the plastic flap down and now you have a water spout that hangs over the sink ensuring those drips don’t end up becoming puddles all over your counter tops. The rack is mostly made of robust plastic, apart from the handles/feet that are made from metal and have rubber stoppers attached.

Lastly, the glass/cup holder spikes along both sides of the rack are a great idea. They keep everything firmly in place, neat and tidy.

The OXO Good Grips Foldaway Dish Rack costs £35 and is available over at OXO UK.

Disclosure: The awesome guys at OXO kindly sent me this rack in exchange for a review. I only feature and endorse items I love and would buy for myself.

What do you think? Do you own any items from the OXO range? Let me know below!




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