How to Stay Warm When Your Boiler Has Broken Down.

You wake up one icy cold November morning, head straight for the thermostat, whack it up to max, but nothing happens… odd. You check the boiler and there is a red flashing light of death! You are the coldest you have ever been, you are certain of it. Yes this is what happened to me this morning and we wont be having central heating for at least the next 24hrs. So what to do when your toes are about to turn to ice?

Xbox Kinect!

…Or the Wii, or PlayStation Move. It’s the prefect excuse to pop out and grab another dance game. Guilt free! Dancing, Boxing, Fighting the Empire. All great ways of getting your blood pumping and warming you up! Of course you don’t need a Kinect to get dancing. Just stick YouTube on and get your groove on Gangnam Style. Which if you are interested will be available for download with Dance Central 3 soon!

Get in the kitchen!

 So you really don’t feel like dancing around your living room? Then head to the kitchen stove and cook up something warm and spicy, starting with spicy cinnamon lattes. They are absolutely delicious and will have you feeling warm and toasty in no time. Plus, standing by the stove means extra warmth. Find some more tasty spicy beverage recipes over here at Taste Of Home.

Get Freaky.


If it’s just you and your partner at home, or it’s late and the kids are in bed, the most obvious way to keep warm is to get your sexy on. You need moves that are going to keep you both warm. No missionary tonight! You want to get hot! So get online and try some of the more difficult Karma Sutra positions. Like The Suspended Scissors over at So Feminine!





Tumble dry all of your clothes and hang out in the laundry room.

Does your washing machine heat its own water? Then stick the washing on. Once it’s done grab a book, get in the laundry room, and shut the door. Only do this if you have a condenser dryer other wise you will end up with condensation everywhere and who wants to be cleaning the windows with cold water in a freezing cold house?!

If you are still feeling too cold after all of that, grab your rucksack and head to over to your parents, or a caring friends house for the night.

Add your own tips for keeping warm below. I need them! Brrrrrr ….

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