What if You Could Rent a Back to the Future Style DeLorean?…

Let’s imagine that money was no object and you could rent the car of your dreams, just for a week. What would you choose?

Sure, spending the week speeding down the fast lane in a Ferrari F12 would be exciting. And hiring a Swarovski-encrusted Lamborghini for the sole purpose of posing among London’s billionaire playgirls and boys would be a nice ego boost, but it’d get boring fast.

To help us think bigger, car lease company, Virtu Lease came up with some inspiration in the form of a guide to TV and Film cars of the 80’s.

Who wants a sports car when you could have a time traveling DeLorean DMC-12… which technically is a sports car, but so much more fun!

Renting a DeLorean DMC-12

Leasing a time traveling car throws up a ton of physics problems that quite frankly, I’m too stupid to understand…. So let’s just ignore those for now.

Instead, let’s take a look at the vehicle that drove Marty McFly and Doc Brown through time and remember why it’s so awesome:

First, I’d Visit the End

Science says that we have between 2.8 – 10 billion years before time ceases to exist, so it might take a few trips back and forth to find the Apocalypse, but I’d just have to know how this all ends: What will it look like? Will life still exist? Can I even park my car there? There’s only one way to find out.

5000 Year in the Future

Around 5000 years ago is when the Egyptian Empire began and their culture still has a huge influence today – from religion to art and architecture – so it would be fascinating to travel 5000 years from now to see what survived from 21st century culture.

Technological advancements are causing everything from art and culture to medicine to change so rapidly that we’ll seem prehistoric to humans in the year 7017. That’s if humans haven’t destroyed themselves by then, in which case I’m going to need some serious cheering up in the form of…

Queen live at Wembley & Metallica in Russia

Nothing makes me happier than singing along with my favourite bands, so there would be nothing cooler as a music fanatic than to go back to some of the best live performances of all time.

I’d start in 1986 with Queen live at Wembley. How amazing would it be to stand at the front of this crowd and sing Radio Gaga with the absolute legend that was Freddie Mercury?

Then on to Russia, 1991 to witness one of the largest concerts performed to this date. It was the only heavy metal concert of the soviet union and a complete culture shock to many of the people outside of the metal community.

The concert was free to attend and as such it attracted thousands of people. Attendance is estimated somewhere between 500,000 – 1.6 million. The video footage shows a dramatic landscape of a sea of people, low swooping helicopters and military. I wouldn’t fancy the view from the back!

Live music would take up most of my week with the DeLorean. There are so many amazing performances I’d just have to see. The Beatles at the Cavern Club, Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, Nirvana at the Seattle Paramount Theater.

So you’ve read all about what I’d do with my my favourite movie car? Now it’s time to let me know yours below. What’s your favourite on screen car? Have a look at this guide from Virtue Lease for inspiration.

Thanks for reading 🙂 !

Screen Cars of the 80s




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